Knight’s & Magic (LN)

The novel about a platinum-haired boy… and some interloping robots.

Disclaimer: As agreed upon with Sky, I will be taking over the Knight’s and Magic LN project starting from Arc 10. It will be done on a chapter by chapter basis.

Disclaimer II: As always, if you find any error when you read, be sure to let me know so I can promptly fix them. As with all my releases, some mistakes do slip through the crack even with a third edit, and for the sake of my pristine archives future readers, your support will be greatly appreciated.

Volume 5, Arc 10 (EPUB)(PDF)
Current Release Version: 1.0
Chapter 42: Battle Preparations
Chapter 43: The Queen’s Campaign
Chapter 44: Assault, Siege of the Tetraspides Fortresses
Chapter 45: Nemesis
Chapter 46: The Dragon’s Resolve
Chapter 47: Liberation of Delvincourt
Colored Pages
Volume 6 (EPUB)(PDF)
Current Release Version: 1.0
Chapter 48: The World of His Dreams
Chapter 49: Inhabitants of the Sky
Chapter 50: The Violet Swallow Knights
Chapter 51: Choice of the Silver Phoenix Knights
Chapter 52: Departure of the Vanguard Fleet
Chapter 53: The Poisonous Demon Beasts
Chapter 54: The World without ‘Him’

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  1. @ Jem, complaining that something you’re receiving for free isn’t up to your standards is like complaining that the rain that falls from the sky isn’t good enough. Or that the 10 dollar bill you found on the ground wasn’t crisp enough.

    You’re welcome to have standards for free sh*t, but those standards of yours don’t matter because the ones giving out those things for free owe you absolutely NOTHING. If you don’t like it, then you can fxxk right off. Getting mad about it or whatever is pointless.

    Same goes for proper/timely communication from this translator; it may not be an unreasonable expectation, but he/she still doesn’t owe us that. You may have your grievances about it, but that’s not his/her problem, that’s a YOU problem.

    There’s a lot of things that would be nice, but the world don’t owe us jackshit.

    Also, you never know, he/she could’ve gotten into a accident or something. Area they live in got hit by a natural disaster and they lost the means to communicate with us/has more pressing things to deal with at the time; who knows.

    B*tching just gives negative energy to the translator when they do see these comments, and can oftentimes result in a loss of interest in continuing the translation. Not not to mention it makes you look like an ungrateful entitled c#nt.

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    1. Matter of perspective. You think that courtesy and manners are the problem of the recipient, vs the person who is speaking? I disagree, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

      Same thing for the “entitled” part – it’s not a new argument…you guys (I don’t know what kind of culture or background) feel that making a “negative” comment on something that we receive for free makes us “entitled”. Again, I disagree. From my culture/background, it’s just a comment on the situation. I’m not DEMANDING that the translator live up to my standards, I’m just saying. Of course, some people (perhaps yourself included) feel that “only good comments should be allowed”, which…yes, i disagree with. Again.

      We just have different ideas about what is acceptable. And of course, you might be reading more into my comments than I put there, since 1. it’s just text, no context 2. culture/background.


    2. Why most people especially early adapters of the LN have a problem with this Translator was that what we were getting before interms of release dates were much faster and we were fine with it. This translator asked to take over the project with the promise he/she would be faster and more thorough than the original translators. You dont ask to take over a work then become so assnumbingly slow with it that we forget what the story was about.


    1. The Only RL issue this TL’er is dealing with is the Same thing everybody in the entire world deals with it’s called WORK and unlike him, many of US can juggle more than 1 thing @ a time. But this TL’er and like any TL’er you ask (Why? is the translation taking so long to due). There excuse is always the same [ I’m a College student studying for my exams that’s why Novel is delayed]. But in particular, this TL’er claims to be in Med School and his Schedule is keeping him extremely overworked. According to his DISCORD channel. But who’s to say he’s just become unmotivated to continue. Even a Med Student gets breaks from School like any other college student does so he could find time to translate a little if he wanted too.


      1. Last year of med school is make or break. No surprise there. I’d list this series as dead until someone else shows interest so you won’t get too disappointed. Hopefully someone will start translating again though at this point there are only 7 books out. We’re on Book 6 so we’re close to the end of what’s available for now.

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      2. For the first one and a half year of a med student, it aint hard at all. But com the rest and hell is sure to knock upon you. I’m a med student myself and I can tell you guys that it aint pleasant. They make it hard so that only the best can pass so that only the best will serve the people not some jackass that prescribes nothing more than fake medicines and diagnosed wrong diseases. After all, translating earns a little money compared to what you earn if you became a medical staff somewhere.

        P.S. Please someone pick this novel up


  2. wake me up, when october ends? lmao just kidding. i loved this series for the fact it was essentially gundam with magic and isekai elements in the story, or even a kind of rip off of eureka seven i guess in the sense of story elements? its unfortunate we havent seen updates, but nothing can be done but to move on, and leave this issue as the series translation progress is: DEAD.


  3. @ Diamond Lewis but I would rather wait for a Fan TL or nothing at all because using a browser to translate is the worst thing you could do to the Light Novel. This novel is DEAD and the TL’er is not gonna update anymore all because he can’t handle dealing with RL and juggling his hobby of Fan Translations. The same old story for every TL’er who’s become unmotivated to continue.

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  4. All hand, abandon the ship (Translation)!! Our own Captain (Translator) is gone in Action!! Dont put a hope now cause the ship in the middle of sinking…..😵


  5. Very Funny I’m lol. But yeah NO the previous translator will not take this back because he or she lost motivation to continue to begin with and that’s why this TL’er picked it up and it did not happen overnight. Some time went by before this novel started again. People on the discord keep saying he’s coming back when gets time but I have my doubts. Med students get time off too like any other college student so if he wanted to continue he would have by now. Nobody in the world works for 3 months straight without time off. Could you imagine the Overtime pay? if you worked 3 months without time off. If a normal person worked 7 days a week for 3 months @ 15.00 hr which is min wage it would about 10k for 3 months work. So there is no way he is working without a break/ time off.


    1. ….. you’re really naive companies do what they can get away with and there are freeking lots of loopholes to exploit. I quit after 8 MONTHS of 16 hr days and it’s not ‘overtime’, it’s ‘on call’. $30 for 8 hours of work because it was supposed to be an emergency ruling to call back someone if something happened ($30 cab fare) but somehow it became ‘there all the time’ instead of ‘being called back’. I ended up looking for a place to sleep at work.

      I’m hardly unique, my sisters do 12-16hrs when shit happens, like the 2008 crisis, One of my sisters stayed at work for 3 days due to the financial meltdown. The other does overnight work when a building project needed to be completed urgently. And no. If your contract is fixed salary, there is usually NO overtime pay, only the expectation of not getting fired.

      Enjoy college, it’s one of the easiest and best times of your life. Pity I didn’t appreciate it then.


  6. a simple note won’t hurt you know, like ” i lost interest tranlating this thing ” or ” i want a 1 year vacation so won’t be doing this for a year” or “i have too much work to do i can’t make time to translate pout pout” or what did he die if so I’m so sorry for bothering you pls rest in peace, something like that, so that peaple can stop spamming, just saying peace XD

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  7. Unfortunatly that’s a typical translator sickness. They go at it for a while an shower in the admiration of us loyal fans. Some keep at it quite a while. Then, some start asking for donations, so they can finance their continous efforts. While those who ask for cash last a while longer, they, as well as those who don’t, eventually start to increase the interval in which they release their work. It takes longer and longer, until eventually, it stops completely. Only VERY few have the decency to tell people that they stop due to a lack of motivation, but the majority simply stops posting. A handfull post another chapter after a few months and give excuses like: ‘Had too much to do RL’. (As if there was no time for even a small note!). And then they stop all together and it takes months before someone else picks up the project, because they don’t want to steal someone’s translation work.

    Now, if we fans then start to complain about the lack of ANY kind of notice during the great silence befor all goes to crap, there come the suckups who think beating on the complainees makes a damm difference. You don’t have to be nasty while complaining, as the work is done for free, but not mentioning you don’t like the lack of ANY notice only validates this behavior. I mean, it’s pretty ugly to simply let everybody guessing at the question if there ever will be another chapter of their favored novel, especially those loyal readers and fans of this work.


    1. Dude we are on the web and Internet checking for Updates the TL’er is MIA and tranlsation of this novel as of last month is DEAD. Tl’er not coming back since he seems to be too busy with work,sleeping and PC. (PC aka Pussy Crushing).


  8. That is…. i had lost another light of hope… so i just give few word for this translator. May you had a happy life now…. good job for translating this novel until now. I hope i can see this novel been translating by another translator….. Bye2 to all reader in this novel for i will never came back to comment unless miracle happen. See you guy in another novel 😇


  9. Well, I guess we should inform sky about this, if he even have interest on this series. Also, I suggest that someone archive this, through wayback machine or just simply copy/paste and upload this on a cloud storage websites. Sites like these, you never know that they might be down tomorrow and we’ll probably regret this if these chapters didn’t survive.

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  10. …. Well, been trying (with limited success) to read the web novel, while waiting for the next chapter to come out, but… Reading the comments makes me feel there really isn’t going to be a next release. Ah, so sad, and the translations were of a real good quality too, easier to read without getting a “processing headache”. Gives me a bit more reason to study JP a bit more though…

    Peeps on this comment thread should try the web novel too, as additional reading practice. Eru got a really interesting “title” that I didn’t see anywhere in the translations of the LN before he entered the Academy… 😍😂


  11. Quick update for all Us K&M novel readers. The translator is NOT coming back anytime soon there for the series is STALLED indifferently or consider it DEAD by the hand of lack of interest by TL’er. Unless someone with the skills to translate this to English and Pick up where the translator left off it’s not going to continue. Asking his Discord channel and getting the same reply time and time again from some douchebag appointed MOD is getting me Nowhere. They don’t know when the next Chapter will be released either because they have no way to contact the TL’er to ask what’s going on and if he is coming back to update or give finial regards.

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  12. Forgot to say ONE of the MODS claim to be a Med Student too that goes to school with the TL’er but the Dudes always on the Discord channel. So if the MOD is a MED Student why? does this Douche have so much time off and the TL’er don’t when they’re both in MED SCHOOL or Claim to be.


    1. I have moved on to other titles. Lots of awesome books out there in case you all interested to start reading, i can give some recommendation.


      1. Recommendations for good Ecchi/Harem Novels I’ve not already read or are reading now would be Okay. Everyone just needs to move and call this Series MIA. Cause the Translator is not coming back or would have by now.


        1. Thanks for the links @Zman. From what I read in the comments the translations are for the WN, not LN because the translator doesn’t have copies of the LN and since the TL’er don’t translate Adult content scenes, to begin with, they don’t have plans for the LN version because the WN leaves the rape and other stuff out which is a shame that is the separation of WN vs LN in Kaifuku.


  13. This is Exactly WHY the majority of Translators can’t be trusted when they start a novel. Because Baka’s like this give a bad example for the rest who also do it for free and it makes them all look bad. They think if 1 can skip out on his or hers translations it’s okay for all who do it to go MIA for a while and nobody would care but that assumption is Wrong.


    1. NO disrespect but can’t you read by all the HATE comments and me tell people OVER and OVER the Translator is MIA because he’s PC [pussy crushing] and Translations for this series is DEAD.

      NO UPDATEDS have been made to this in over 4 months.


  14. To everyone who’s been waiting for the TL’ers update Here it is and he left it on Discord for everyone to read but was too chicken shit to leave it here. I’ll simplify what he said to make it short. [ on Dec 25th 2018 TL’er post a message saying he will finish up vol 6 by adding the epub then he will be dropping the project until further notice since he can’t handle real life shit, his make-believe Med School training and this hobby of novel translations after 4.5 months of not begin able to get a handle on life to update. SO as of 12/25/18 he verbally KILLED Magic and Knights translations unless someone else is willing to translate it on there own from vol 6 onward for the public. If someone can contact the old translator and Ask if they can continue the translations it would be helpful but until then WE ARE FUCKED again by another lazy-assed son of a bitch who quits for lack of motivation. He’ just been added to the other 85% of all translations that get started then die.


    1. Uhh, I did give an explanation at the beginning of the release. But sure, interpret it as you will.

      Also, thank you for your verbal support of my education. It really means a lot to have understanding fans like you. I wish you the best of success in all your future endeavors~

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      1. Well I for one appreciate your work, and the note to let us know what’s happening. Nothing worse than endlessly checking for an update haha.
        Will you also be finishing the volume of RokuAka? *prays like crazy that you will*

        Either way, good luck with your studies. Maybe once it’s over you’ll be back. But Real Life™ is way more important than a spare time hobby.

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        1. Don’t praise him for abandoning the translation just because he can’t handle LIFE. Everyone has there own personal life’s and problems to deal with daily. Tl’ers don’t revolve around us we revolve around them to continue the advancer of reading their translations. And when they QUIT just because it’s too hard to juggle Real-life Problems it’s FUCKING disturbing to the followers who gather here waiting and waiting and waiting for nothing. He did not even have the Balls to post on this site he’s giving up the series. He posted it on the community discord LIKE A BITCH. For all we know Med school is just a cover for dropping out of Collage, Still living @ home with his parents, Video game playing and Pc’ing [pussy crushing] lifestyle he’s trying to cover up by telling everyone he’s in med school. I’m grateful for the work he’s done up to now and ungrateful for the abandonment of the continued translations he’s thrown away and someone else MIGHT pick it up sometime down the line in the future. This is like the 3rd time this series has been put back on the drawing board for someone else to pick up the straps since the first TL’er started it and will unlikely EVER get completed.


        2. I will praise him for the work he has done, for goddamn free. He has literally no obligation to you or any of us. He doesn’t owe you single fucking thing. This isn’t his job or his life. It doesn’t matter what his excuse is, he doesn’t even need an excuse. Personal life is far more important than something he does in his spare time.

          You are the most ungrateful wanker I’ve ever heard. If you can’t grasp that someone’s life and future is more important than your pathetic desire to read a novel, maybe it’s time to grow up. It’s assholes like you that make translators not want to come back if they need a break.

          Oh and if you actually paid attention to anything but yourself, you would have noticed that he did announce his intentions with the latest release.

          If you’re so damn desperate, go out and learn the language yourself and you pick up the novel. Or can’t you juggle LIFE and learning a new language?

          As I said, thank you for your hard work, and I hope one day you’ll be back.

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        3. Your just a fucking ASS-kisser Son of a Bitch. I can juggle life just fine and FYI I am learning Japanese you piece of Shit while maintaining my own personal life unlike himself and Japanese is not something you can learn overnight you fucking prick. It takes yrs to learn. He never made any announcement here claiming his intentions of quitting on Us he made that remark on the discord channel 12/25/18 not before otherwise it would have been for everyone to see. Last time he posted anything was back in September for chapter 54 of vol 6 which is STILL FUCKING UNFINISHED. Yes, he does owe US as the readers everything because without US he would be nothing but a washed out Translation a long long time ago. He is Obligated to HAVE SOME BALLS and be a MAN to the community who support him and his work until now. So have a goodday and go fuck yourself, Wanker!


  15. Well, the truth kinda hurts doesn’t it. You go MIA for months without any if not all contact here. Announce on your discord you can’t update because Med School which is probably an excuse without proof keeping you too busy to do any further work on the series that you started. 4.5 months later after the first message on Christmas you leave a comment telling everyone on the discord you decided to just finish vol 6 then your quitting because you can’t handle real-life problems that occur in everyone’s daily lives not just the life’s of TL’ers like you. You’re no better than the other 84% of all translation projects that get abandoned for same bullshit reasons. But the truth is you lack the motivation to go on and you just don’t have the BALLS to omit it. Why the Hell did you even become a TL’er if you did not want to commit to finishing a project you started no matter how overwork, Underpaid, Time consuming it came to be. If Med school is Real I commend you for wanting to save lives but would you quit in the middle of an Opt if it became to difficult to continue. the Person you are trying so hard to save would die and that’s what you have done here with K&M. Given up before you even got started helping your dying patient live on. If you want gratitude and support make more of an effort in finishing everything you start don’t half-ass life. If support would have kept you going then you could have asked for small donations to fuel the motivation. I and many others wanting to continue the translated novels would have helped.


  16. @Spikey Truth to be told, I have no reasons to be mad at him as to why he dropped it because everything doesn’t seem to go as planned and shit hits the fan so I’m not gonna chase that subject any further but the reason that I’m mad about him is why it took him so long just to say that. Returning here weeks after weeks and after all that time waiting, you hear this announcement of him quitting? Tell me, how could you not be frustrated at that? I mean, we can’t really force him to continue but the announcement came in really late, way too late in fact. If he had plans to quit, he should’ve announced it sooner and in that way, we could’ve move on much easier.

    And now you’re probably thinking that I have no life because I have spare time to do that kind of stuff or something along that line and yeah, you’re thinking that I’m such a pathetic fuck for doing so, right? There’s a reason for that.

    I’ve experienced some bad news about fan translations myself back then like that one guy dropping it out in favor of officially translating it at cost of it not being free. He also said that he’d delete all the chapters that he posted after a week because he’s using it as a framework of what he’s basically going to re-release in the future. I mean I’m sad about it but he announced it days after he released his latest chapter and the reasons sounds believable and reasonable enough so I can’t really fault him. It’s just that I came back a month, A MONTH, after that announcement so what do you think happened after all that time? All chapters that he previously posted, POOF, GONE. If I came back way earlier, I could’ve made some copies about it before it was taken down.

    See, this is what it means to be dedicated. You can’t just afford laze around, taking all that time for granted because if you came in way too late, it’s your lost and there’s nothing you could do about it.

    Putting all that aside, I’m grateful for all the things that he’d done but that’s just about it. I’m not angry but I’m kinda disappointed on how this turned out.

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  17. I knew it when this dude told the people on discord he was going to finish vol 6 then quit. Still no pdf and it’s a month later. translator is full of Shit. Dude never keeps his work good for nothing PC crushing wannabe med student my Ass he just lost motivation to continue that’s all.


  18. I’m a lurker. I never post in these things but after seeing the childish unwarranted rage i figured it was time to pop out of the shadows long enough to say something VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!

    Thanks for your time and effort in providing a decent translation as far as you could. I for one thoroughly enjoyed it and regret that for whatever reason, you are unable/unwilling to continue.

    As for the child … with an attitude like that he/she/it was likely banned from skywoods Disqus hence why he/she/it can’t just create a new login


    1. No faggot I was not banned from any Disqus message box I simply can’t remember my log-in for it. like millions of others who have many accounts for many sites and can’t remember every password ever used to log-in, I don’t write the shit down when I should because I think it would be easy to remember again after years of not logging into Disqus. Hence I don’t remember it anymore because I hardly ever go to Disqus. So if you don’t have another 2 cents to add return to the shadows and Shut the Fuck Up. Douchebag.


      1. Waaaaaay too much. It just sounds like childish ranting if you type it like this. No one is going to side with you if this is how you act.


        1. the ironic thing is he was all defend the TLer to his death some 4+ months ago too. funny how the neck beards flip from one extreme to the other like that.

          also I don’t think a single person has taken his side despite all the posts made. so saying ‘no one will ever take your side unless you figure out how to balance your hormonal issues’ might be a more accurate statement. 😉


  19. @loshi1505

    I defended the TL at first because I thought He really was doing a good job on the Series then I found out what a Douchebag he was on his discord so that would piss anyone off. My point is don’t become a Translator if you’re going to give up or quit on the series just because you can’t handle or juggle real life at the same time. If you don’t have the BALLS to step up and see the project till its the end WHY? the fuck did you become a TL’er in the first place Pussy.

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  20. Good god, another entitled snowflake. The translator who does this for free owes no1 anything. If you want to have this novel translated then i suggest you snowflakes out there put ur money where ur mouth is and pay some 1 to do it for you, only then do you get the right to make demands. Translators are nobodys slaves. Damn spoled pricks.


    1. We all know they don’t do it for FREE Jack***. I said if you are a translator don’t quit in the middle of doing it see it done till the end. Why the Fuck did you become a TL’er in the first place if you’re a quitter. Just because Life is hard don’t mean you give up you keep going. Oh and yeah I’ve already looked for an alternative to getting this novel translated and nobody will touch it because it’s not of any interested to them even paid TL’s. Also if you’re a fan or just a reader of this series it makes you entitled and you know nothing about beginning spoiled douchebagens.


    1. The last 2 chapters of Vol 6 are merged by this translator if you compare it to the WN. Also the translation here has missing parts to it if you checked the raws but, the translator already sealed it as finished per say. The Vol 7 was continued by other translator although he is learning English’s grammar and or having some help from a proof reader.


      1. So I still don’t really get it, what would be the best way of continuing reading without skipping anything? Is that even possible?


        1. There’s nothing really, the new TL noted that he won’t touch this chapter and would start at the next chapter. For me, I haven’t found proper trans of the last part, I only did read the raws via google translate, I know its hard but you will get the gist of the story. (Or wait for the S2 of the anime, but don’t put your hopes up knowing the way they did in S1)


    1. He’s not! the quieter quit last month or the end of February I don’t remember after bitching he can’t handle work and this hobby anymore. He did say he would finish it up before Officially quitting but don’t count on it since it’s been over a month or 2 and nothing yet. Best we are going to get is the Web novel translations but it starts on ch 90 of vol 7 where this douchebag stopped Tl’ing @ Ch 54.


  21. here’s a part of copied Google translate of the “Missing part” of the LAST chapter for Vol 6. which supposed to be “Complete”. I wonder how many not aware of these? Then here I post this here.

    Heads-up: Its about what happened to Eru/Addy after the fall.

    Vol 6. Chapter #89, Encounter of the Magical Forest (Last Missing Parts)

     -Time goes back several months ago.

     It was that time when Ikarga defeated the red beast that is the commander of the caged beast, and fell to the earth on earth.

     As if it were going to Ikarga who reached the earth safely and barely, even the corpse of the caged monster falls. When it was crushed by the impact of falling, it splashed the fluid to the surroundings.

     Because the light of life went out, the magic that supported the giant was lost. The frame was fragile, the contents were scattered all over the place and began to evaporate at a stretch.

     It is fierceAcid cloudAcid CloudForm and swallow Ikarga.

     Now that the Magjet Thruster, which boasts the highest thrust, has lost its function, there is no way to escape from the death cloud.

    “It’s the worst! If you don’t escape quickly, it will melt as it is.”

     Then Ernesty tries to run Ikarga. However, I walked a few steps and got a knee.

    “What’s wrong.Crystal muscleCrystal tissueBut……”

     In order to protect himself, he had shut off the intake and exhaust of the output system.

     However, the ghost knight’s body is not completely sealed. The acid cloud was free to penetrate into the interior, causing damage to the crystalline muscle first.

     The new generation of the Phantom Knight, who began with Ikarga,Rope typeStrand typeBy doing this, the durability is increased, but still there is no way to the durability of each one.

     It was unexpected that there were activities such as activity in corrosive atmosphere.

     Worse still, crystal muscle loss does not just mean damage to the driving system.

     What a phantom knightMagicManaTheSaveThe poolBecause it is this crystalline muscle. At the same time the crystal muscles are largely lost by the corrosive atmosphere, the enormous magical powers that Ikarga has stored are lost at once.

     In this worst situation, the structural weaknesses of the illusionary knights that had never been imagined have been exposed.

     I will not stand up, Ikaruga to give a grudgeExteriorOuter skinPeel off.

     at the same timeMagic Armor Type ArmorCapacitive lameIkaruga lost even more magic without it.

     The situation gets worse at an accelerated pace.

     The loss of magic means that there is a problem in maintaining the enhanced magic that was strengthening Ikarga’s body.

     Worse, air intake to the furnace is closed to prevent corrosive atmosphere. Even the overwhelming magic supply that made Ikarga the strongest is lost now.

     Ikaruga’s collapse does not know where it stops. Even the illustrious knight who boasted the strongest can not move one finger, one of the functions already.

     I just sit and wait for the time to collapse.

    “… I can’t move. On the contrary, I’m still wondering if there is still a decent shape. And with this, I can not go outside.”

     The surrounding area is surrounded by corrosive atmosphere. Elle did not know that it was associated with strong toxicity, but in any case the results would be similar if it were exposed to acid.

     He can not even escape from here. When the collapse reaches the pilot’s seat, that is the end for him.

    “……… Well, I’m already here. I’m very sorry, Ikarga. More, still, ever. I wanted to go wild with you.”

     When Elle breathed for a long time, he slowly sank his body into the seat. As it isKey operationkeyboard呟 小 さ く 呟 呟 小 さ く 小 さ く 小 さ く 小 さ く.

    “But it was good to be with you till the end. I was dead once and now I can die in the pilot’s seat of the robot.

     Now that the cloud of acid is completely covered, and Ikarga is just waiting for his life, there is no resistance he can do.

     Humanoid weaponsrobotDie in the pilot’s seat.

     Anyway, thismadmanMekaokThe destination of was the end of here. It is just that it has visited now. Not being prepared, in a sense he always aimed at this place.

     Ernesty Echevallia isHumanoid weaponsrobotLive withHumanoid weaponsrobotDie with-.


     Even if El admits the end, there are those who absolutely do not tolerate it.

     Several bullets of light bullets fly from the sky as if to shoot through his sentimental determination.

     ImmunitionSilhouette ArmsIt is a law strike by. It lands on the ground one after another,TechniquescriptIt became a deflagration according toTactical gradeOverd SpellA large-scale law bomb causes a fierce blast, and a ruthless gloomy hole.

     Forgery was not only once. In a row, many times, law strikes are added with an insisting force.

     It was so bad that Ikaruga would be blown away, but the lord of the law strike seemed unwilling to hold back.

     Finally, the acid cloud around Ikarga was blown away, and a hole was made in the cloud.

     The figure of a half-man and half-fish knight who can fly straight ahead aiming at that.

    “Eh! You! Eh!

     It is Sylfiane driven by Adeltrud.

     Spray the maggijet thruster to the limit,Source floaterEtheric RevitatorIt rapidly descends while releasing the ether inside.

     It’s as if you’re just pushing into the ground, and you’re stuck in the air.

    “See you! Take it!”

     As soon as she found Ikarga, which had become almost ruined, she made a rapid slowdown.

     While supplying ether to the prime mover,Samurai wingFin stabilizerTo make resistance. So I adjust the speed, and let the acid cloud give up and show a turnaround.

     At that time, she was equipped to the airframeTowlineTow anchorEjected.

     The tow ropes fly while shining silver light for a long time.

     It has a bowl-like site at the tip and can hold things. In response to Adi’s operation, he freely flies in the air, and arrives at the source of the smashed Ikarga.

     It bites into the fragile body armor and fixes it firmly.

     Sylfiane begins to pull up the towline while turning up. As a result, Ikarga’s torso lifted up and quickly escaped from the clouds.

     Adi smiles at his heart, but it soon turns cloudy.

    “Oh, uh !? … Dame yeah !!”

     It was up to that point that it looked like it worked well.

     Certainly, the bombardment blew off the surrounding acid cloud. But that was not perfect, and there were still thin clouds.

     Even a dilute acid cloud is fragile that leads to a tow lineSilver wire nerveSilver NaveIt was enough to melt the

     Having watched the dust and dust of the silver wire, Adi makes Shilfian’s fuselage and turns rapidly. At the same time, the ether of the prime mover is released again to move downward.

     At that time, the last towline was broken, and Ikarga’s torso was thrown into the air.

    “Don’t miss it !!”

     Sylfiane opens the acceleration and sets in on the body of Ikarga. Before it fell back into the acid cloud, Sylphiane assaulted from the other side and attached firmly.

     Adi kept trying to rise to a safe altitude.

    “Oh, I can’t go up !? Why ?! She-Chan, a little more! Good luck!”

     The descent does not stop, and Shilphiane aims at the ground and keeps falling.

     She is a stranger, but this isAir combat specification aircraftWinzine styleWas the cause of Rather, it may be called a defect in the source floater.

     The principle of this instrument is by supplying a sufficient amount of high purity etherBuoyancy fieldLevitation fieldForm an aircraft that floats up.

     If the supply and discharge of ether is repeated rapidly, the ether density in the vessel becomes unstable and as a result, it is impossible to form a sufficient buoyancy field.

     Without the help of the buoyancy field, the air combat aircraft will not stay in the sky. Sylfiane was in exactly that state.

     Luckily, there was a lot of acceleration to catch up with Ikarga, and Shilphiane jumped out of that range without getting stuck in the acid cloud.

     However, it is far from relief. After all, the altitude continues to fall and is no longer at the ground.

     The flying knight can not rise with the power of the propeller and the wing of the wing. Adi decided to prepare before the land that was approaching as he looked.

     She moves Sylfiane and holds Ikarga tighter. Then a breath, prepare your breath.

    “Cie-chan, please …! Protect El-kun!”

     Left in the planeSource element supply unitEther supplierThe entire group of units is operated, and the amount of ether in the Then I twist my body and let Sylfiane take a back flight.

    “I’m sorry!”

     Immediately after, adiKai injection mechanismGear EjectorWas activated.

     The pilot’s seat at the back of the aircraft breaks down in an instant, and the compressed air injects her into the air.

     The escape is a place where I trained so badly before getting on the plane.

     She is soonDescent armorDecendratoOpen your arms to capture the atmosphere. After that, when I stabilized my posture, I first looked for Sylfiane.

     Just then, Shilfiane was about to reach the ground.

     Shilphiane took the body of Ikarga and landed on the ground because he had been flying backwards just before. He flew the ground smoke while gliding through the trees with a rush and scraping the ground.

     The armor blows from the frame and pieces of the crystal are scattered, and an unusual noise that can not be heard rings around.

     It crashed into the ground with so much momentum, and it was not funny that the aircraft shattered.

     However, at the tip of the dirt smoke, Shilphiane managed to stop while holding Ikarga’s body firmly.

     Although the float had lost its buoyancy field due to the destabilization of ether, the final forced ether supply recovered the force field only slightly.

     As a result, it played the role of a shock absorbing material and reduced the damage of the airframe.

     However, because I ran on the ground to go above the fortress. The damage was serious and almost the same as being shot down.

     Especially from the back I got in first, the upper body damage is serious, probablyMetal internal ratingInner skeletonIt will be distorted from the stage of

     Furthermore, the lower body was not safe, and rainbow-colored light spouted from here and there.

     The impact damages the element floater and the internal ether leaks out. No longer Shilphiane will dance to the sky, fulfilling its function.

     But in that arm.

     He was proudly holding Ikarga’s torso, which he had defended and protected himself.

     AddiCompressed air promotionAero thrustUse the to fly up to the sky and get to the source of Sylfiane.

     It was frustrating to get out of the armor, and I ran to Ikarga in my arm.

     As she tries to climb up to the torso, she is upset by the severity of Ikarga’s damage.

     The exterior was almost lost, and even the crystalline muscle was dissolved, and the internal appearance of the metal was exposed. It evokes a roaring rain, and it is a mode that seems even daunting.

     However, she shook her head and shook off the awful imagination that had floated.

     The purpose is not Ikaruga itself. No matter how fancy the aircraft is. As there is still a chest armor that has been made robust, there is a possibility that the “content” is safe.

     As she runs up the remains of Ikarga, she knocks out the armor that has been strained with acid and shatters.

    “Ell! Ell! All right !? Alive !? Please, reply! …… yeah yeah!

     It was said that it was bothersome immediately after calling. When I pulled out the cane, I broke the magic without hesitation.

     The chest armor that became fragileExplosion flameFireballBlow off with a single shot and have a black hole in it.

     The light coming into the forest illuminates the inside of the cockpit.

     When Adi looked into it, there was a figure of El with her eyes closed and eyes rolled up on the back of the seat.

     At first glance it does not look like there is a flaw. Adi leans out in an effort to make sure he is safe.

    “Lell, please live … uupupu”

     From the face, I hit something transparent and felt elastic, and I was held in front of El.

     Adi immediately notices his true identity. that is”Atmospheric shock absorptionAir suspensionIt is a lump of compressed air created by the magic of “El”, which is a magic that is good for assisting in its movement.

     It’s about being here.

     As Adi was watching over the mass of compressed air, it began to squeeze slowly.

     In front of her sitting down, El opened her eyes and started to move.

    “… well, it was a bad vibration. That was Adi? It helped me. But I was in danger of becoming a minced meat ……… …”

     Before saying that, Adi hugged like jumping.

     It is hugged up without restraint, and a strange voice leaks from El’s mouth.

    “Good … El, alive. Alive …! El, El … …”

    “Oh, a little bit painful. All right, I’m fine. So I’m going to die a little more and die …”

     When it is washed out, tears are spilled, and every time Adi hugged Elle firmly, it sounds like a smashed frog.

     After all, she needed a while for her to settle down.

    “I thought I was going to stab it …”

    “Uh, El, El. I thought I’m no good anymore. I was in time …. Uh, I’m going to make you feel fluffy and soft.”

     Although the power was relaxed, there seems to be no intention to release El. He is busy with his cheeks and cheeks while holding him tight.

     Occasionally, the salmon that has fallen from El’s cheek gets wet. When Elle hugged Adi back, he brushed his hair for a quick break.

    “Okay, I’m alive. Adi helped me.”


    “But Adi asked you to protect the ship. After all, you have come along.”

    “Well !!”

     Adi loosened his hugging power and looked firmly at Elle’s eyes.

    “Even if you can protect the ship, you’re El! Alone … Oh! That’s right, Ikaruga fellish …”

     As I said, I remembered a lot, seeing that tears began to overflow, Elle lowered Sone.

    “Thanks, it helped me, but if I made a mistake, I was in danger to Adi.”

    “No matter what! If El is gone and you are left alone, you should die together!”

     He gave up and finally had a long sigh.

    “I can not help but carelessly. I have to be careful from now on”

    “Yeah! I will never forgive you !!”

     In the end, at the ear of Adi who has started to cry, El smiles gently.

    “… adi. Thank you”

     Then I softly kissed on that cheek.

     Adi stopped crying, but there was a very dissatisfied expression on it.

     I stare at El, and ask for something silently.


    “Not enough. I won’t forgive you until you kiss me more carefully.”

     When Elle smiles, he brings his face closer.

     I closed her lips.

     The couple went out, though there was some trouble.

     Again, they looked up silently, looking up at the two machines that had become dead.

     It is broken into pieces and ground, dissolved in pieces and acid, and the original form is not stopped. The machines that did everything to protect the Lord or to fulfill his life.

     Before long, Adi turned around and looked around. In a thick and lush forest, traces of Shilfiane’s glide are in a straight line.

     Other than that, there are mountains and forests that extend endlessly. Human activity does not exist here.

    “What to do from now …”

     The battle was over, and the sky was getting quiet.

     The Knights’ airship would have already left this place. I did not think that I would come back until I ran into the danger of getting in contact with the caged monster.

     In other words, they were left alone in the demonic Bocuse Omori Sea.

     Adi felt cold when I understood it.

     Whatever battlefields have ever been, they were with the Reichala Equestrian Academy and later with the Ginkgo Knights. It has never been isolated and unsupported.


     Meanwhile, Elle was staring at the remains of Ikarga without opening a word.

     Adi cuddles, tries to call out and closes her mouth when she is lost. Given the thought and effort that El put to make Ikarga, it felt like any kind of comfort would be useless.

    “Fuh. Fufu, ahahahahahahahaha”

     It was a laugh that somehow reached her ears who were bothered and lost.

     Adi is jealous. Edo also did not endure that Ikaruga was lost.

    “Ahahahahaha haha ​​…… OK, let’s destroy it too”

     But his line had nothing to do with it.

    “That’s a monster of that moth …. Perhaps I got that strong acidic fluid to melt the monster’s shell.Phantom knightSilhouette nightIs literally a natural enemy. Such existence, unnecessary in the world where I live ”

     It is a very arrogant word depending on how you listen. However, as long as it is an incompatible existence, there is no way left to destroy either.

     Then he would definitely do it.

    “We must do our best to eradicate … … but the essential Ikarga and Sylfiane are like this. The lack of strength is not good, either. Repairing is the first decision in this case.”

     When he crushes, he counts the future action guidelines.

    “Well, it’s faster to return to the country and go back to the collection, or to aim for repair on our own alone, which is faster. What do you think? Addi”

    “Heh! Hmmm. Hmmm. I’m not sure if the situation is too severe.”

    “That’s right … we have too little information about this place. Let’s start with reconnaissance and securing security. Addi, we will collect what we can just take away from here.”

    “Oh, uh, yeah.”

     Seeing El L’s swaying movements that didn’t make me feel the sentimental up until the last minute, I was also stunned.

     I am worried enough that I am really aware of the current situation.

    “Don’t you be afraid of El? Are you in the middle of Bocuse? I’m not sure how long you’re a monster.”

    “Yes, I’m scared … I’m very scared that we will fall and Ikarga and Sylfiane will fall here.”

     But Elle’s feared problem was somehow different in point of view. For a madman whose purpose is to end up as a Phantom Knight, the preconditions are too different.

    “So, let’s remember what we learned in the school. How do you know if you are separated from the group? How to survive? We have done various exercises.”

    “The situation in the middle of Bocuse may not have been considered a bit.”

     It is thrown out into the forest of demons, and the ghost knight is unlikely to be destroyed and saved by his side. If you think normally, it is a situation where death is definitely waiting.

     Will I stop for despair? Will you fall for distress? Will it freeze in fear?

    “And from now on I have no problem standing up to repairing Ikarga. If I think only a little, I have a lot of big difficulties and I am in trouble.”

     Remove the gun stick from the waist and waist. Staring at the blade with a dull brilliance, he smiled.

    “The problem of” slashing and killing “is nothing short of trouble. Don’t you think so?

    “El is too positive to be horrible …”

     Yes, El started moving again.

     Humanoid weaponsrobotThe end of my life is at the next opportunity. Now I did everything for themLove machinerobotIt is time to start walking to restore our

     By the time we reach there, even if there is endless suffering. Ernesty Echevaglia, who has set a goal, can not stop the process.

     After all, he is a madman who was dead and healed.

    “So first of all, from the foundation of life. We have to find a place where we can roost.”

     At that time, the shock penetrated Adi’s whole body.

    “… This, this is …! For a while, El and you alone have a sweet life !? I also feel that I can do my best with it!”

     I could tell people, Adi was a freak, so I could not beat Elle at Adi.

     Then they went through all the remains of Ikarga and Sylfiane and took out as much supplies as they could carry.

     It is customary for a phantom knight to be equipped with some supplies in case of emergency. Luckily, Ikarga was no exception.

     In the case of Sylfiane, the fallout armor doubles as an escape mechanism, so it can be taken out safely from the beginning.

     A small amount of medicines, blankets and simple cookware. And preservation food. At first, there is no concern of starvation immediately.

     Next is the confirmation of the strength. Needless to say, the two phantom knights are completely broken.

     Then, the biggest force remaining in this place will be the fall of Adi. Adi was asked to pass it to El, who was enviously watching the fallout.

    “Ai, please use it as it is. Because it is a problem of which road size, it does not fit me …”

     Descent armor is not as special as it is dedicated, but to some extent it is adapted to the physique of the passenger.

     In order for the small El to ride, he must make a special order. He was more sad than when he lost Ikarga.

     He then has two weapons, Winchester, and several wire anchors attached to his waist.

     Though I felt that the machine was not enough, I waved my head immediately and pushed out.

    “First of all, let’s secure the water source. Certainly when viewed from above, there should be a river nearby.”

     Bulky packages are carried together in a drop armor.Phantom CrystalSilhouette gearIf you have the power of, some luggage will not bother at all.

     First of all, it is an airframe created to help after being thrown out like this. Even if they did not, they themselves were to fulfill their purpose.

     So they got ready and walked into the woods.

     I hate the undergrowth and jumped over the rocks, El moved his nose.

     If you look around, you will find something that moves in your field of view.

    “… I did not miss.”

     It ran through the trees dexterously, and it was a beast like a wolf.

     He jumpsAtmospheric compression promotionAero thrustUse the magic of and accelerate like an arrow in a breath.

     The beast was also very fast, but it did not reach until she escaped from the high-speed maneuver child.

     Elle slashed to the neck at every pass.Vacuum slashingSonic bladeThe beast blows blood while blowing a blow with the magic of

     It’s as intended. After stopping his game, he hangs on the tree and removes blood.

     When I hunted and collected several beasts at such a pace, I was happy to return.

     I hang through the forest lightly while hanging my prey on a gun stick.

     The destination was located in a place where the wooded area was separated and the rocky terrain spread.

    “Adi, I just came home. I had dinner for today.”

    “Hey. Come home, oh, oh.”

     Hearing his voice, Adi comes out of the tent that was there.

     She is somehow upset about why.

    “Well, I’m going to see you. Will you prepare for the fire?”

    “Yeah, yes …. Adi-san? Why do you enjoy it so much?”

    “Because I’m waiting at the house for El to come back.

    “This is a temporary hotel for the stable search of the surrounding area. It will not be settled as it is.”

     I wondered if he knew I had an ad to Ell, who doubted the fall at the end of the day, but I heard that the situation danced no matter how conservatively it looked.

     I decided not to stop El either, as it would be better than to fall into the odds.

     Upon handing over his prey, El brings out the dead tree he has collected.

     I ignited there using the basic magic of the detonation flame. If you use the magic phenomenon, you can get unlimited fire species.

     However, it is pointless and often time-consuming to compensate all the necessary heat with magic alone. We need trees as fuel.

     It has been a week since they started crawling in the woods.

     After leaving the Phantom Knights, they found the river early. From that point on, we move along the river, moving bases, and thus, food lives on a modest hunt.

     The base for them was Adity’s fallout.

     The frame with fixed joints is used as a simple tent with hood cloth. It is an excellent thing that you can fold the hood and move as it is when it becomes urgent.

    “Even though there’s a chance to fall, I’m sorry I’ve left Adi only with load.”

    “Are you okay now? Is this child like our house now? Our house … Because we will keep it solid!”

     And, Addi seems to be full of motivation for reasons I do not know well, and Elle gave up Tsukkomi. It is important to be motivated.

     The dinner on this day was simmered with roasted meat and smashed tree nuts and wild grass.

     Food is collected from the forest as much as possible, so it is almost like this every day.

    “There was a beast that could be eaten in this area, I was saved.”

    “I don’t have enough seasonings or possessions, and I’m sorry I can only burn them with herbs.”

     Although there are various inconvenient environments, Adi was fully swinging his arm there.

     Her cooking skills are quite good.

     When El was eating the prepared food, she was looking at it as NicoNico for some reason, but she still liked it.

     Such an unforeseen journey.

     Human beings are themselves, and there is only the nature of the threat that turns around. Overwhelmingly narrow, their safety and territory. When you take your mind, you feel like you’re swallowed among the trees.

     The knights of the Kingdom of Fremevilla are taught how to survive in the woods in the process of education.

     Even so, it is not assumed that the situation that can not be seen so far.

     But they were steadily adjusting to life in the forest.

     There is no grief that only two people are left behind in the demon forest.

     There is no hope that the surrounding area is full of fatal danger.

     If the mind breaks at that level, Ernesty Echevallia has not reached such a point. He’s always gone too much.

     Furthermore, they are those who are blessed with fighting ability as individuals. You only need to be aware of some dangers, such as monsters of the final battle level or higher.

     As a result, in the magical forest, they were living in a bold manner.

     They continued to travel through the woods, writing information on their own maps.

     And one day, finally I will meet “Sole”.

     As I was traveling through the woods, El suddenly stopped.

     He listens to his surroundings and runs to the trees nearby. As it was stuck and kept still, a slight vibration was transmitted to his body.

    “… far, heavy. Maybe you’re a battleweight or better monster.”

    “Avoid again?”

    “Basically, but I want to grab where I am, let’s search from the top of the tree.”

     It is supposed to be a deadly person for a lively human being who originally has no illusionary knight, such as a battleweight monster.

     However, the fighting ability of the two men is a little off-human. It is not for them they can not cope. However, because it only takes time, it is only a good idea to avoid it.

     Adi dressed in Elle and Descent Armor climbs nearby trees quickly.

     When I secured the view, I searched around carefully. In the meantime, something huge appears to move in their view.

     Two giant creatures that walk through the forest while making heavy footsteps resound. The size, as he assumed, would be in the order of being classified as a duel class.

     But they shook their breath and opened their eyes to surprise.

     A figure of a giant creature seen among the trees. After all, they are-huge, ‘human’.

    “A lie, a ghost knight in such a place?”

    “… No. No, no. Something is wrong. No way, that is …!”

     They were “riding” the bones of a huge beast like a fool. In terms of its size, it is believed that it uses the bones of a monster of the final rank or higher.

     In the same way, he was equipped with “equipment”, which was thought to have processed the monster’s leather and shell throughout the body.

     If it is only that, it can not be said that it is still a quirky illusionary knight.

     But there was a decisive difference.

     I let go around my wet wet eyes and exhale hot and moist breath from my mouth.

     Partially exposed limbs have a pulsating freshness and texture of meat.

     Yes, this giant is alive. It is not a real machine giant, but a genuine, “live giant”.

    “… Giant. Not a illusions knight …. Alive, a battle-weighted giant!”

     The recognition was giving Elle a battle.

     Eighteen years have passed since he was born in this world. From the time I spent, I was used to the existence of a monster that boasts a huge body that uses magic power.

     If you think about it, it’s certainly not strange.

     If a mere beast grows in size, there is a great possibility that a humanoid creature will grow in size.

     However, they have treated the machine giants created by humans as weapons.

     For them, a giant is nothing but the best armed force of humanity, the illusionary knight.

     That is why the existence of a living giant in front of them gave them a terrifying sense of discomfort.

    “That’s … there’s a giant, no, no …”

     Elle grabbed Adi’s hand, which was confusing and disturbing. He smiles small and then points at the giant with a gesture alone.

    “That giant, if you look closely, don’t you wear armor that has been processed with monster shells. That means there is crafting technology, culture, or even words.”

    “… yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah !?”

     Elle is watching the giants make every move.

     The body is heavy because of its size, and it has strong muscle strength and probably strong magic.

     The hand has a rod that seems to be mainly for hitting. It may be assumed that there are five fingers and the same degree of dexterity as a person.

     The moth is probably a processing of the corpse of a monster. Mainly materials such as skeleton, leather and shell, metal parts can not be seen.

     There are also decorative parts that are thought to be used with fur and feathers, and it is clear from them that they have the concept and culture of decoration.

     The more you look, the more Elle’s expression takes on the form of a smile.

    “Good! Add, I’ll follow the giant”

    “Well! I’m serious, El,”

     Addi shook his head, so yes.

     No wonder. If the other party is a mere monster, anything will not bother you. But she didn’t think that she wanted to get close to what might have been a giant giant comparable to a Phantom Knight.

    “If you get the coffin of that giant …ExteriorOuter skinIsn’t it going to be something? What does the skeleton do? It may be difficult to “pull them out” from them. The rest is crystalline muscle, which is also difficult. However, the level of difficulty is much lower than nothing! ”

    “Suddenly there? Hey, it’s a living giant. There’s no more surprise, is it?”

     Adi saw El with a resolute look at what he was receiving in a smooth manner.

     The screw is too jumpy, such as passing through surprise and thinking from usage first.

    “How much crafting skills do you have? Are there any blacksmiths or something like that? If so, I think that if you get along you will be helped a lot.”

    “No, let’s settle for a bit more than El,”

     Certainly, if you have a giant blacksmith, it is likely to be more efficient than a normal person works.

     That’s why I don’t think it’s a sane treat, such as asking for blacksmithing work against an unknown huge humanoid monster (estimated).

     Those who do not choose the means for the purpose like him will not.

    “It’s true that a giant is a threat, but it’s more interesting than looking at the woods with just two people alone, so let’s go!”

     Even in the presence of the unknown, El was endless.

    “This is like El, it’s no good anymore.”

     Elle who has a purpose and finds a means will never stop.

     Adi gave up early and eventually agreed with his proposal. Then they start sneaking behind the giant.

     A small, small foreign body that has fallen into the vast magical forest.

     In order to get it back, a flying ship that has advanced to the forest again.

     An unknown tribe that lives in the forest, a giant.

     These encounters will later evoke an unprecedented tremor in the devil’s forest and the feared Bocuse Omorikai.

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