Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Kinki Kyouten (LN)

The novel about a platinum-haired girl (aka. RokuAka, aka. Glenn’s Harem Adventures)…

Disclaimer: I will be translating the LN starting from Vol 6, or equivalent of where the Anime left off. The tentative order of translation is Vol 6 > Side Story 1 > Vol 7 > Vol 8 > Side Story 2 > Vol 9. If you watched the Anime, you should be fully caught up to start reading from Vol 6. For the release schedule, please do vote, so I can decide whether to release by the volume or chapter.

Disclaimer II: Oh, and as a side note. Although I already went over the entire thing thrice, if anyone find any mistakes, be sure to let me know so I can update the EPUB accordingly. And yes, for those who didn’t know, there is an EPUB of the release for those who don’t like my website ;p.

Volume 5.5 (EPUB)(PDF)
Current Release Version: 1.0
Chapter 1: Bastard Magic Instructor Goes Beyond His Limits
Chapter 2: Wandering White Cat and the Forbidden Notebook
Chapter 3: Magic Instructor Glenn and His Story of Recklessness
Chapter 4
Chapter 5: Heavens, the Lonesome Witch
Volume 6 (EPUB)(PDF)
Current Release Version: 1.1
Prologue: Heavens (Celica)
Chapter 1: Teacher Goes on an Archaeological Expedition
Chapter 2: Visitor in the Storm
Chapter 3: Memories of the Stars
Chapter 4: Her Tenacity and Change
Chapter 5: The Storied Wraith
Chapter 6: Nameless (Namenlose)
Epilogue: Her Place
Colored Pages
Volume 7 (EPUB)(PDF)
Current Release Version: 1.0
Prologue: The Aspiration of a Certain Day
Chapter 1: The Secret of the Wall-Pounding Invitation
Chapter 2: Prom Preparation and Selfish Thoughts
Chapter 3: Night of the Prom
Uncompiled Side Stories
Current Release Version: —
01. Sistine’s Light Novel (Nov 2017 Dragon Magazine)

92 thoughts on “Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Kinki Kyouten (LN)

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  2. Is Sara Silvers in any way involved in these chapters? I really like her and somehow want to see her involvement in the plot. Maybe she wasnt really dead after all?


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