About Us… But Mostly Me~♪

When life gives you lemons, trade them for some apples…

Hello, this is Huapollon; You may also know me as cute-wittle Mauzel from the old Noblesse Oblige Scanlations. Long story short, life got busy and I got fizzled out~ (Translation was fun, cleaning and redrawing was… *cough*)

I am doing some side projects as translator with LOLScans – with all the annoying parts taken care of by others, but in my spare time, I will be translating a few LN’s I enjoyed and wish to share with the world. I promise you quality, as a large part of my translations actually serve for the purpose of adding the novels I enjoy into my timeless archives. (Which in itself is a double-edged sword, because you can likely expect a version 2 if I am mildly unhappy with the finished product.) As a treat though, you betcha I will be redrawing all the insert images so that the final product is as be-au-ti-ful as it can possibly be~

One final disclaimer. As you probably have guessed, I will be compiling my projects into EPUB in the end for archive purposes with all format consistent and perfect, so I do not need anyone offering to compile them in my stead. I will have the EPUB released once I am happy with the post-release edits, and will be updated whenever edits are made to the story.

Once again, welcome, and let us embark on a journey into otakuland~

p.s. Personally, I eagerly await for the C&D letters, because for every one I received, it’d mean one more of my favorite series may start to become available on KOBO. I also don’t mind if they just use my translations as long as a word of credit is given. (And preferably a free copy of the release on KOBO.)

p.p.s. For new projects, do note that if I am going to be translating, the project must only be LN, because… I am a LN purist, and I consider WN to be inferior in all aspects for archive purposes.