Uhh… OH LOOK! An apple~

If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and call your local emergency number…

If you sooo urgently need to get in touch with Huapollon, feel free to join the NOTL Discord, but… there isn’t that much of a party. Be sure to announce on the channel which series you follow so I can assign you the correct usergroup.

Or just comment below. ASCII drawings of apples welcome, but oranges are not welcome.

As for DMCA’s or other not so urgent business, please send them to nobliget@gmail.com. I promise I will check the email at least once a week.

18 thoughts on “Uhh… OH LOOK! An apple~

  1. Would you be willing to take another Translation Project as well? The translator for Classroom of the Elite hasn’t been posting for a month now, and I fear that he will leave the project. If he does, will you please take up the project?


    1. The second project is already decided, and I am in the process of releasing it… in 10 minutes ;p
      So, sorry. For now, two projects will have my hands full.


  2. hello huapollon
    i dont know weather u will be reading this but i am very pleased to meet u .
    and btw i am ur huge fan.also i dint know of any other methord to contact u so thats y i am doing it through this comment.so its been a while since i wanted to ask u abput the progress regarding the translation s of the akaashic records of a bastard teacher.i was realy pulled into it and i am waiting for the mext ones .i saw that u were going to do the sidestoriess…😁😁^_^^_^.so i wanted a reply regarding it if possible and geez i am just trying my lucj here contacting u so who knows lol.anyways its fun to comment abt it.my mail id is kgaiben.george@gmail.com


    1. The first side story is coming along (in terms of the order, its actually the last one). Got side tracked with a massive edit for vol 6, but should have it out in a week or two.


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  4. I’m not sure if previous messages were sent from this email or another but disregard previous sent messages sorry for the trouble


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