V05 Chapter 47: Liberation of Delvincourt

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The destruction of the mighty Flying Dragon Battleship created a lull in the combat as many turned to watch the fiery spectacle. The Flying Dragon was not just any Levitate Ship. It existed both as the greatest threat to the Kuschepercans and the indisputable guardian of the Žaloudekians. As such, between the two, the death of the Dragon came as a greater shock for the Žaloudekians.

On the Cauderlier Plains, where the sound of war died down, a clear voice ran out from the Kuschepercan Queen.

“Brave knights of Kuscheperca, now lies the greatest opportunity for us to reclaim the Tetraspides Fortresses once and for all!”

Eleonora’s declaration spread like wildfire among the Kuschepercan ranks, and, with their renewed vigor, they prepared for an assault on the panicked Žaloudekian army. After numerous close calls, the Kuschepercans had finally commanded a clear path to victory. With unshakable morale, the Kuschepercans readied their weapons.

“All forces, advance! Onward, to our capital!”

With the King’s Mount in the lead, the whole of the Kuschepercan army advanced on the Žaloudekian positions. The long stalemate between the two had finally broken as the advantage swung decidedly to the Kuschepercans. Unlike the Kuschepercans, who charged ahead with an unstoppable momentum, the Žaloudekians no longer had a capable commander to rally the despairing troops. One after another, the black knights fell to the Kuschepercan assault. One after another, the Levitate Ships high above were shot down by volleys of javelins. It was only a matter of time before the whole of the Žaloudekian army perished on the Cauderlier Plains.

“D-darn it… S-sound the retreat! We have lost the day! Save your units for the next battle!!”

The Žaloudekian army no longer had the stopping power, a large part due to the Žaloudekians having lost their strategic reserve alongside the death of the Flying Dragon. As the Žaloudekians started to rout, many of the survivors who were not fortunate enough to escape were cut down as they fled. Soon, the colors of New Kuscheperca flew above the Tetraspides Fortresses, proudly fluttering in the wind.

The routed Žaloudekians no longer had any semblance of an army as they fled for their lives. It was clear to everyone that the Kuschepercans had won the day.

“Chase after the Žaloudekians! Do not let a single one of them escape and cut them all down! Long live New Kuscheperca! Long live the Queen!!”

As the Kuschepercans rose up in cheer, the war had finally left the Cauderlier Plains.

With Revantiers at their core, the Kuschepercans followed closely behind the shattered Žaloudekians, all the way down the road to Delvincourt.

The loss of the old capital Delvincourt was the start of the Great Western Storm. It not only signified the fall of the Kingdom of Kuscheperca, but also represented its replacement by Žaloudekian rule. As such, the liberation of Delvincourt was both the personal wish of Queen Eleonora, and the collective desire of every Kuschepercan.

With the Silver Phoenix Knights’ third company at the vanguard, the first and second company loaded up for transport, and the Kuschepercan Revantiers following closely behind, the Kuschepercan army did not show the slightest exhaustion as they chased the fleeing Žaloudekians toward the capital.

“Now! Charge through their defenses, and open the path forward!”

“Advance! Revenge for our late commander Edgar!”

“Hey! Erledyradcumber aside, I am perfectly alive and well!”

Despite their lighthearted banter, the Silver Phoenix Knights did not relent in their assault. Faced with the overwhelming power, the Žaloudekian defenders simply melted away.

In Delvincourt, Silhouette Knights were scrambling to escape as the Kuschepercan forces slowly approached. The surviving Levitate Ships took off one after another and turned toward the safety of the west. Delvincourt lacked any meaningful defense, and the black knights woefully lacked the numbers to face the might of the Kuschepercans. When the Tetraspides Fortresses were lost, the Žaloudekians no longer had any staying power within central Kuscheperca.

“…Looks like we are defeated.”

Princess Catalina sat motionless on the throne as she gazed out at the fleeing Levitate Ships. At that moment, a single person hastily came before the throne.

“Your Excellency! The Tetraspides Fortresses have fallen, and the Jade Dragon Knights are in full retreat! The Kuschepercan army will soon reach the gates. Your Excellency, please make your escape as soon as possible!!”

Despite the worrying report, Princess Catalina did not stir at his words. Her inaction only further amplified her subordinate’s anxiety, almost to the point of forcing the princess to evacuate.

However, with a loud explosion, the subordinate froze. It was the recently departed Levitate Ship. Before it made far from Delvincourt airspace, the Levitate Ship came crashing down in a smoldering ball of flame.

The reason was obvious. It was a certain Silhouette Knight that roared across the sky, bellowing a trail of fire. With the Flying Dragon gone, the Demon God was now unchallenged in the sky. Leaping from Levitate Ship to Levitate Ship, the Demon God sunk them with painful efficiency.

“…It’s useless. With the Dragon’s loss, our deaths are already set in stone.”

Princess Catalina had realized it the moment she saw the destruction of the Dragon. Against such an overwhelming existence, there was simply no escape.

◆ ◆ ◆

With Resvant Vidos holding the walls, and the Revantiers lining the road, the King’s Mount, Kartoga Ol Cauchard Secundus marched through Delvincourt’s massive gates.

“…Father, I have finally returned.”

The Silver Phoenix Knights were now in full control of the area around Delvincourt. As such, the Kuschepercans and their King’s Mount could march peacefully through the gates. The banners that lined the main roads had all been replaced by the advancing troops to Kuschepercan colors, in a bid to declare the return of the Kuschepercan regime.

“Delvincourt was originally the seat of the Žaloudekian viceroyalty, and, as such, was governed by Žaloudekian royalty. Now that we have retaken Delvincourt, I had hoped to meet one of the Žaloudekian royals.”

The surrounding guards could not help but stir at Eleonora’s statement. After witnessing the Žaloudekian invasion and the death of the previous king firsthand, they were unsure what would happen if the Queen were to meet their royal.

In victory, Kuscheperca has to act in a way befitting the victor. If they had captured an enemy royal, they would need to decide the treatment. After all, as with the Kingdom of Kuscheperca, the Kingdom of Žaloudek also relied on their bloodline to rule. As long as they have their hand on a Žaloudekian royal, the Kuschepercans would be at an advantage in the ensuing negotiations.

“Your Majesty, you must not act rashly.”

“I understand.”

Walking in the middle of its bodyguards, Kartoga Ol Cauchard Secundus had finally reached the front of the castle.

In the courtyard, the group descended from their Silhouette Knights and were greeted by Dietrich and Nora in Silhouette Gears. The two removed their Silhouette Gears and knelt before Queen Eleonora.

“We have been awaiting your arrival. The captured Žaloudekian royal rests in the audience chamber.”

“Thank you, we will head over there immediately.”

Queen Eleonora walked at the center of the armed bodyguards as they made their way down the deserted hallways on foot. To them, it was a familiar setting, as even with the change in ownership, the layout of the rooms remained the same. Without making a single wrong turn, the entourage found their way to the audience chamber.

The audience chamber was filled with the Silhouette Gears of the Blue Hawk Knights. They kept alert as they encircled the throne. On the throne sat an astute-looking woman, who remained calm and collected despite being surrounded by imposing Silhouette Gears that could crush her on a whim.

As Queen Eleonora entered the chamber, the Silhouette Gears parted to make a path. Meeting the Žaloudekian royal, Eleonora waved off the nearby Silhouette Gears to make room.

“…So you are the daughter of the King of Žaloudek, King Bartolomeo.”

“Yes, Your Majesty. I am the crown princess of the Kingdom of Žaloudek, Catalina.”

Princess Catalina did not have the slightest air of a defeated ruler. Sitting on the throne, Catalina displayed no fear, but remained dignified as her eyes met Eleonora’s. It was a scene that easily misrepresented the power dynamic in play.

If it was still the previous Eleonora, she would likely be overpowered by Catalina’s presence. However, now as the Queen, and after enduring many trials to return to Delvincourt, Eleonora was no longer the naive flower.

“We have only one question for you. When we were close to breaching the city, did you never think of escape?” Without breaking eye contact, Eleonora asked the seated Catalina.

“Escape is pointless… Your Majesty should know very well. Even a child knows the ending that befalls the Levitate Ships attempting to flee.”

At that moment, a loud roar of flame could be heard as the six-armed Demon God descended upon the courtyard.

“With the Demon God, how could Your Majesty possibly expect me to escape? With Delvincourt already under its grip. Even if I tried to escape, I would be easily caught.”

Eleonora slowly approached the throne without a hint of hesitation as Catalina answered her question. Nearby, the bodyguards were on their toes and carefully watched the scene unfolding. As Eleonora made her way up the final steps, Catalina voluntarily stood up and stepped aside.

“One who was defeated could no longer have the privilege to sit on this throne. I return this to you, Your Majesty.”

Eleonora, on the other hand, did not immediately take her seat, but stared attentively at Catalina.

“…You will be treated as a prisoner of war. In future negotiations, we will count on you to serve your role. As such, we will afford you the treatment worthy of a royal.”

“I am rather surprised. Do Your Majesty not plan to have me killed? After all, I am among those responsible for the death of your father.”

Despite talking about her own death, Catalina carried the conversation with a lighthearted air, even revealing a slight smile on her face. Yet, Eleonora could see in Catalina’s eyes an indomitable will, as if judging Eleonora for her capacity as a sovereign.

“…As far as what Žaloudek had done, I have my own thoughts on the matter. However, as the Queen of Kuscheperca, my actions will determine the fate of the kingdom. In my capacity as the Queen, I simply deem that having you alive for future negotiations will be more advantageous to the kingdom.”

Hearing Queen Eleonora’s words, Princess Catalina nodded in agreement.

“As Your Majesty wishes. I had already been mentally prepared for the worst. This loss dealt a crippling blow to the Kingdom of Žaloudek. As such, it is in my kingdom’s best interest to avoid further escalations in this conflict, and I believe Your Majesty’s kingdom carries the same intention.”

With everything said, the nearby knights came up to Princess Catalina and escorted her away from the audience chamber. For the foreseeable future, Princess Catalina would be kept under arrest until the conclusion of peace.

After Catalina had left the room, Eleonora finally turned toward the throne.

Over a year since the death and defeat of the late King Augusti, the throne of Kuscheperca had finally returned to its Queen.

◆ ◆ ◆

During the Kuschepercan’s final push on Delvincourt, one Levitate Ship secretly departed from an airship dock near Delvincourt. It was not a Levitate Ship of particular note, and it even lacked the usual contingent of Anculosas aboard. The heavily armed Levitate Ships of the Jade Dragon Knights had already departed for the final battle on Cauderlier Plains. As such, the unarmed Levitate Ship did not number among the Jade Dragon Knights. The one who sat at the helm was a laid-back man.

“…Chief knightsmith, are you sure we should depart at this time? D-Delvincourt remains firmly in our hands, and Princess Catalina still holds command. Not to mention, the signal fires from the Tetraspides Fortresses-…” One of the crew asked the man at the helm.

Faced with the question, the man only looked sheepishly at his crew. It was the Chief knightsmith of the Kingdom of Žaloudek – Horacio Collazo. As always, Horacio remained shoddily dressed, and did not have the air befitting his station.

“Haa… I believe that signal is real. Sadly, the Kuschepercans will be reclaiming their capital. Do you have a desire to stay and fight to the death?” Horacio glared at the crew member.

“N-no, that was not my intention.”

The man shirked back at Horacio’s stern tone. Seeing his subordinate’s reluctance for escape, Horacio could only let out a long sigh.

“Us technical staff have no role in the combat to come. Although some may slander our willingness to abandon our allies, our first duty is to bring the fruits of our research and experiences back home. This way, our nation will be able to adequately respond to any future threats. It is a plan that Princess Catalina would surely support.”

Horacio’s logic was sound. However, even if defeat was certain, his crew wondered why Horacio did not show even the slightest remorse as the first to flee. Not to mention, everyone knew Horacio gravely valued his life, so his words lacked a certain authenticity to them.

“Granted, the defeat this time will be quite the crippling blow. How everything plays out will ultimately depend on Prince Carlitos.”

In his mind, the well-chiseled face of Prince Carlitos surfaced. At that moment, Horacio knew that, given their national power, a repeat invasion of Kuscheperca was nigh impossible. As such, even Horacio had few ideas as to how the regent would tackle the ensuing diplomatic scuffle.

Sitting at the helm, Horacio suddenly leapt up in excitement.

“Our army had the Flying Dragon Battleship, my greatest masterpiece! Although it was a rushed construction, who could have possibly imagined it beaten? Has it really been defeated?”

Horacio’s mouth curled up into a dreadful smile. Unlike his words, Horacio’s voice did not carry the same sense of loss, but rather one of excitement.

“In the end, reaching the skies is harder than I thought. However, none of this was a waste, and we have gained valuable experience through its loss!”

Horacio continued to mumble as his gaze turned below deck and toward the hanger that held the crystallization of his research. While the research served as insurance for his early departure from Delvincourt, Horacio himself also did not wish for his research to be lost, and that, in turn, prompted his escape.

Not to mention, with his untimely escape, Horacio was likely to be punished for abandoning Princess Catalina. To avoid such a fate, Horacio thought to bring a ‘welcoming gift’, and this research served as the perfect gift.

“Our work is not over, and the path for me to reign over the skies is still far in the future. However, one day, I shall create the greatest Battleship. Let this be a valuable lesson for the time to come.”

As the humming of the wind turbine disappeared alongside Horacio’s Levitate Ship, thick clouds rolled over Delvincourt, blanketing the clear skies in a thick layer of gray.

Before long, rain fell upon the battlefield, washing away the flames of war.

◆ ◆ ◆

With the most recent report, all the nobles present could only hold their breath.

At the Žaloudek capital, Crown Prince and Regent Carlitos Emden Žaloudek listened to the report on Kuscheperca. His well-chiseled face clearly twisted from anger.

“…After the loss of Delvincourt, rebellion broke out all over Kuscheperca. New Kuscheperca have remained largely silent after their victory and have only sent small forces out to assist the local rebellions. Second Prince Cristóbal has died in combat, and Crown Princess Catalina has fallen into enemy hands. The morale of our forces is beyond salvage, and the troops are in full retreat…”

With every report that found its way to Žaloudek, Carlitos’ brows would furrow to an ever greater degree. His usual cool manner, when combined with his silent fuming, created an unbearable pressure on his surroundings.

“How? Hasn’t Kuscheperca already been annexed? At most, I have received the report that a lone princess managed to escape from captivity. How, then, did our army suffer such a crippling defeat? As security, I even had the Flying Dragon sent to assist!!”

The reversal in Kuscheperca was sudden and unexpected.

Despite Žaloudek’s decade-long preparation for its reunification, New Kuschepercan only took mere weeks to bridge the technological gap. With new Silhouette Knight models, the Kuschepercans erased the advantage the Žaloudekian black knights afforded them. Moreover, Žaloudek had lost most of its Levitate Ships, and even the Flying Dragon Battleship could not avoid the same fate.

Worse still, with the death of the Second Prince, and the capture of the Crown Princess, the Žaloudekian Reunification Army lacked a proper leader. Carlitos understood perfectly that any attempt on Kuscheperca would now be a fruitless endeavor.

The strength of the black knights made it hard for anyone to rationalize the defeat, and the loss in materiel was beyond Žaloudek’s ability to cope. The more Carlitos thought about their current predicament, the more uneasy he became.

However, the bad news did not seem to end.

“Your Excellency, the Eastern Flag of the Eleven Flags has begun to marshal their forces at our southwestern border. We have also detected suspicious movements on our northern border. If the surrounding nations invade, we will likely not be able to hold with the Lead Bone Knights alone.”

“One after another! To think they would pounce at the slightest weakness… Hyenas, the whole lot of them!” Carlitos erupted as his anger finally reached a boiling point.

In a surprisingly short amount of time, the reversal in Kuscheperca had brought a huge change to the regional power dynamics, and the winds had turned against Žaloudek.

“They believe we are on our last throes and think to take a bite? It seems that we need to put them in their place!”

“However, Your Excellency, our forces are already stretched too thin. Even if recall our army in Kuscheperca…”

The news of the Kingdom of New Kuscheperca’s recent victory had already spread like wildfire, and many of the neighboring nations had already mustered their forces to take advantage of the chaos.

Initially, many of the neighboring nations preferred to simply observe the situation, as the Žaloudekian army held an overwhelming superiority. Even though Kuscheperca was defeated, other nations didn’t immediately seize the initiative, since doing so would make the black knights their enemy. Having troops spread between occupied and home territory tended to thin out one’s defenses, yet, Žaloudek at the start of the reunification had enough power to compromise neither.

At the same time, the other nations could also not carve their own territory from the remnant of Kuscheperca, as they worried that any hard-earned territory would soon be retaken by the black knights. In the end, the surrounding nations could do nothing as Žaloudek took over Kuscheperca in its entirety.

However, with the sudden reversal, in which Žaloudek suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Kuscheperca, the other nations no longer needed to worry about the now shattered black knights, and one after another, sought a bite of the wounded beast.

“W-why… why did this happen?!”

On that day, at the center of the Žaloudekian Capital, Regent Carlitos Emden Žaloudek collapsed from excessive shock.

Since then, the Žaloudekian borders began to weaken. At first, there were only minor incursions, but soon, the surrounding nations turned to outright invasion.

Despite the worsening situation, Žaloudek’s Lead Bone Knights fought bravely against the countless invaders from all corners of the vast kingdom. However, overwhelmed by their sheer numbers, the Lead Bone Knights could only fight a fighting retreat as more and more land was taken by their enemies.

Yet, on this terrible battlefield, one group of Silhouette Knights were able to hold the lines and threw back multiple assaults.

“Haa… So in the end, only I survived.”

It was a rapid response group carved from the survivors of Kuscheperca. The group was led by an oddly-shaped Silhouette Knight armed with countless ‘swords’.

“Very well, I guess I shall take up their share of the fight.”

With their fragile and deteriorating situation at home, Žaloudek could not help but abandon their ambition to reunite the fragmented nations.

◆ ◆ ◆

Kingdom of New Kuscheperca’s capital, Delvincourt – originally the seat of the Žaloudekian viceroyalty, the capital had now seen better days since its reclamation by New Kuscheperca.

The chain of defeats from the Tetraspides Fortresses to Delvincourt had lost Žaloudek both the largest metropolis in the region and their commander, Princess Catalina. Additionally, with the situation deteriorating rapidly at home, the Žaloudekians could not help but retreat from Kuscheperca.

Since then, the Kingdom of New Kuscheperca declared the relocation of their capital from Fontaine to Delvincourt. The whole kingdom was in a state of celebration as the citizens welcomed the return of their capital and their Queen. Despite the losses they suffered during the long war, the Kuschepercans now looked once more to the future.

On a certain day, at a dock near Delvincourt. Queen Eleonora, accompanied by Martina, Isadora, and the Kuschepercan nobility, watched over the Silver Phoenix Knights as they loaded their supplies aboard their Levitate Ship – the Aerial Assault Ship.

“Still, with this ship around, transporting supplies got a whole lot easier. Hey, silver boy, let us keep this ship with the Silver Phoenix Knights!”

Boss had a bright smile plastered over his face as he gazed upon the Aerial Assault Ship. Since the battle, the Multiple Launch Javelin Systems had been removed, and the Aerial Assault Ship returned to a lightly-armed Levitate Ship meant for transportation.

The Aerial Assault Ship was currently packed to the brim, with a large part occupied by the cores and parts of the Žaloudekian Silhouette Knights.

“Oh? Are you sure you want to hide this ship from Gramps?”

“He is free to look, but we definitely won’t hand it over. This ship is our spoils of war!”

“Looks like you have grown attached to this ship. Although, we could always construct a new ship from what we learned… but, either way, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Batson and Eru looked at each other before shaking their heads. Having commanded the Aerial Assault Ship in war, Boss seemed to have developed a special attachment. The first ‘Aerial Knightsmith’ seemed to be leaning toward a suspicious direction.

As the Silver Phoenix Knights finished loading their supplies, Eleonora turned to Emrys.

“…Looks like you plan to return to Fremmevira.”

“That’s right. With the Queen back in the capital, and the Žaloudekians removed from Kuscheperca, there is little reason for us combat specialists to remain. As far as the restoration is concerned, it is a matter for Kuscheperca and her Queen.”

On that day, the Silver Phoenix Knights planned to return to the Kingdom of Fremmevira, and Eleonora was here to see them off.

Among the nobility, there were many who wished for the Silver Phoenix Knights to remain in Kuscheperca. After all, the Silver Phoenix Knights had rendered a great service to their cause, and, during the restoration, every little bit of military power was necessary to maintain order.

However, the Silver Phoenix Knights were still an expeditionary force on loan from the Kingdom of Fremmevira. As such, they could not remain indefinitely in Kuscheperca. With the immediate goals of defeating the occupying Žaloudek force, their service was complete. Still, the same cannot be said for its individual members.

Among the loaded supplies was a wrangled wreck of a Silhouette Knight, beyond any recognition, but with parts that greatly exceeded a normal model. It was the Tzendrinble that fell alongside the Flying Dragon.

“Chid…-san.” Eleonora called out to the young Knight Runner staring at the wreck.

Hearing the voice, Chid immediately turned around. Despite standing right in front of him, Eleonora closed her mouth without saying another word, as if she reverted to the sheltered princess from a long time ago.

Chid wasn’t sure at first how to respond. After gathering his thoughts, Chid turned once more to Eleonora.

“I… am a member of the Silver Phoenix Knights, and I will need to return with my companions. I am… sorry that I could not keep my promise from that time.”

At his answer, Eleonora turned downcast and, after a slight tremble, clasped her hands together.

“N-no… I understand. Know that you helped me… and gave me strength… in my time of greatest need. As my designated knight, you have accomplished your task wonderfully.”

As Eleonora finished, she did not face Chid again. Then, a single teardrop fell onto the ground below.

At that moment, Chid took a step back and knelt before the Queen, reminiscent of their first encounter. The only difference was that now the girl had become the Queen, and the boy was soon to depart. Despite all this, Chid remained the same boy who desired to serve as her strength.

“…Your Majesty, I wish you well. If Kuscheperca is ever in danger, I will immediately return to your side once more.”

“Chid-san as well. Once you return to Fremmevira, I wish you luck in your pursuit to be a splendid Knight Runner. I… will try my best not to trouble you in the future.”

Eleonora finally picked her head up. The hesitation cast away, and, in its place, Eleonora stood with the dignity and confidence befitting a Queen. Only a single tear streak remained on her face.

As Eru quietly watched over the two from afar, Addy quickly hugged him from behind.

“Hey, Eru, were you thinking about leaving Chid here?” Addy asked.

“How blunt. Still, this is not something I could decide alone.”

“Then, if it’s the young master… would you be able to do something about it?!” Seeing Eru’s complicated expression, Addy turned to the nearby Emrys.

“F-fine, just leave it to me! However, the Silver Phoenix Knights technically fall under the command of my father, so I can’t arbitrarily remove a member from its roster. Let me talk with my father! If anything, I will at least figure something out.” Emrys responded confidently with his chest held high.

However, no one had ever seen Emrys lacking in confidence before.

“Rys-nii.” On the other side of the dock, Isadora called out to Emrys.

Emrys nonchalantly walked over to Isadora, only to pause his footsteps when he found Isadora’s facial expression to be particularly stiff.

“Rys-nii… Thank you for saving me, Ellie, and mom. At that moment, we really thought we were done for. We didn’t think we would ever have our kingdom back.”

“I was well taken care of by you and Auntie, so there was no way I wouldn’t come to your rescue!”

“But now, it will be up to us to rebuild our kingdom. Just leave the rest to us… Then, when everything settles down, would you come and visit?”

At her question, Isadora sounded slightly nervous. Emrys simply rubbed his chin for a moment, before turning to Isadora.

“Who knows! We are bringing quite a big present back to Fremmevira, so things will get busy back home. Either way, shouldn’t it be your turn to visit?”

Isadora’s eyes widened at Emrys’ answer, before revealing a charming smile.

“Yes. Next time, we will be sure to visit Rys-nii’s kingdom. I will do my best to stabilize the kingdom so we can visit without worry.”

“Mmn, that’s the spirit! Ah, right. When you come, I will show you how we hunt demonic beasts. After all, the west doesn’t have demonic beasts. Please look forward to it, the whole hunt… quickens the blood!”

“That won’t be necessary.” Isadora bluntly rejected his suggestion.

As everyone finished their goodbyes, the Silver Phoenix Knights boarded the Aerial Assault Ship. Under the auspices of the Kuschepercans, the Aerial Assault Ship slowly took to the skies.

“Then, Silver Phoenix Knights, time to return home… We have plenty of presents to go around once we get back!”

The Aerial Assault Ship sailed at the head of a column of ground transports. Known to be the strongest knights in the east, the Silver Phoenix Knights won a great victory in Kuscheperca, and returned home in triumph.

◆ ◆ ◆

The Great Western Storm that started with the annexation of the Kingdom of Kuscheperca, and ended in the collapse of the Kingdom of Žaloudek, ultimately led to the flames of war to spread across the western nations. As the distrustful invaders of Žaloudek sought to partition the weakened hegemon, they inexplicably agreed to an armistice after some time.

The reason for the armistice was intricately linked to the unique technology held by Žaloudek, the highly secretive Levitate Ship and its construction.

At first, the reasonable conclusion was that the invasion brought about the spread of the Levitate Ship technology. However, how the technology made its way to the other nations remained a mystery.

Some rumors stated that Žaloudek knightsmiths caught on the losing side of a war defected with the technology. Other rumors said that the western nations developed their own Levitate Ship based on their observation of Žaloudekian Levitate Ships. There were even rumors that said it was provided by a suspicious package that circulated between the countries during the invasion.

Regardless, with the spread of the Levitate Ship technology, many nations had turned their focus to its production. The Great Western Storm had demonstrated the Levitate Ship’s superiority and effectiveness in combat, making it foolish for any nation to neglect its development. After all, the initial fate of Kuscheperca had perfectly demonstrated the consequences of going to war with a technologically inferior army.

Still, beyond the regular Levitate Ship, the nations also sought after the powerful Flying Dragon Battleship. However, the critical secrets to its construction were lost alongside the disappearance of its creator, Horacio Collazo.

In the end, they only managed to acquire the technology for constructing the Etheric Levitator and the Levitate Ship, but that alone was able to revolutionize warfare in the western nations. Without the limitations of terrain, the Levitate Ships had amplified the mobility of their armies.

As if guided along by the mysterious hand of fate, the nations soon expanded beyond the confines of Zetterlund, ushering in an escalation of the Great Western Storm.

It was a time later called the preamble to the ‘Great Age of Flight’. (1)

(1) Ama-kun is a fan of Koei’s games.

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    1. Actually it was unclear in the anime as well whether Catalina was alive or not. Atleast it felt to me that she was still alive when those Kuschepercans personal came to her room.

      So, if a 2nd season for the anime happens, and Catalina is shown alive, it wouldn’t be an issue.


    2. The problem was that zoulodek had suits that were waaaay too advanced, the only other country using the same stuff was eru’s country because he was the one who developed it, go back at the start of the war, they could do absolutely nothing to the suits. Would you really risk attacking them when they have both an aerial and land advantage? it’s basically useless.


      1. Not while they’re strong. I’m talking about how the other countries pounced once Zoulodek was weakened. I would have done the same too, not because of wanting territories, but because Zoulodek is way to dangerous to be given a chance to rebuild.


      1. Oops! I didn’t read this before I replied to your previous comment. I’m replying through WordPress, and I didn’t see this comment until I replied to the previous one.


      2. I sort of get the impression some events got swapped around from the original version, I thought the invasion from the other countries occurred before the final battle when the first Zaddy army got destroyed and the other countries probed their borders the Dragon ship used them as a trial run.


  3. Thanks for the great work!

    Will you do the next volumes too?

    Also will the LN follow the WN’s story?
    Summary of what happened on WN:
    – Silver Phoenix Knight is the one distributed the basic technology of flight(using blow engine as propeller) to other countries
    – Developed the flying mechs(swimming in the air) with a more advance levitate ships(carrier-type using magic-rockets as propeller)
    – Created a bigger ship as a flagship and named it as Izumo, owned by SPK
    – Trained pilots for the flying mechs and crews for the carriers then put into a new knight order outside SPK
    – SPK ordered to explore the sea of trees – in a fleet of carriers with Izumo as flagship
    – after months of exploring, encountered groups of giant flying monsters that have intelligence to coordinate attacks and can spit liquid to produce acid that can melt metals rapidly. Few deaths from flying mechs, Ikaruga with Ady’s flying mech got stranded and destroyed.
    – Fleet gone back home after a week of searching for Eru and Ady
    – Eru and Ady encountered a tribe of zentradis(well intelligent giants without culture[living in primitive way of life])
    – Giants are intelligent but meatheads so Eru dueled against a giant in flesh and won one-sidedly, then was acknowledged as a member as brave goblin
    – tried to create a mech using unused parts of giant demon beasts hunted by the zentradis, mainly bones and carapaces
    – village got destroyed by the demon beasts controlled by the largest tribe of zentradis, Eru got angy at the said tribe because his zombie-mech got destroyed
    – Eru’s tribe infiltrated the enemy’s tribe disguised as one of them, then they lived in a goblin(actually humans) village near the enemy’s village
    – The goblins have smithing skills so Eru employed then to help creating armors and magic weapons for the giants in his tribe, also help him revive Eru’s Ikaruga and Ady’s flying mech. Compensation is security and meat from hunted demon beasts by the Eru’s tribe’s giants
    – Eru made several giants of his tribe into his students in magic, lead by a loli giant
    – Goblin village got attacked by several demon beasts, Eru defended it in an unfinished Kasasagi(magpie, using Ikaruga’s reactors and levitator or Ady’s mech). Kasasagi’s damage is too weak so Eru asked the loli giant to ride(dock) his mech and attack the enemies from air
    – Eru meet the king of the goblins enslaved by the enemy giants’ tribe living in a walled city of goblins, happened to be that they are descendants of the previous annihilated expedition a hundred years ago
    – War of giants about to start
    – SPK returned
    – Ikaruga got repaired but using Ady’s mech’s reactor
    – Turned out the expedition’s survivors are the one who are controlling the demon beasts using a technology developed with the elves that are inserted in the expedition
    – The goblin king want to destroy all of the giants and get revenge to Frem kingdom so Eru intervene and war between goblins ensue
    – Giants realized how goblins are fearsome, not only Eru’s group but also the goblin king’s because they have a giant flying monster that is higher than battalion class
    – Because of the acidic monsters, Eru’s group can’t do anything so Kasasagi and Ikaruga docked and became Magatsu Ikaruga(Calamity Ikaruga/Squid Monster)
    – After becoming Magatsu Ikaruga, Eru as a Coordinator(Gundam Seed) with abilty to create magic weapon on the spot, he created a wind armor that can blow away the acid clouds.
    – Giant monster of the goblin king got defeated
    – SPK returned home with few giants from Eru’s tribe including the loli one
    – King Riotamus got a headache because of Eru’s souvenirs(giants and news about the survivors of the previous expedition)
    – SPK became a lot more bigger because of the emergence of the flying tech. So it got divided into different knight orders headed by Edgar, Di, and Boss but all of them are still under Eru.


      1. Based on the machine translation tools I’m using, the giants lumps small people as goblins. I haven’t scrutinized each words and sentences yet, will check it later.


      1. Oops, thought to only giving a link to avoid spoilers (so only those who want to check could see).

        Didn’t expect the whole image to be shown like this.


      1. Ugh, I hate J-Novel and their typos/badwording… They really need a better editor. Otherwise, kudos for official releases ;p.


    1. Well Eru needs an opponent that can keep up with him. Probably the same reason why Sword Boy is also alive: to have a rematch with Di and Edgar at some point.


  4. Thx for the translation plz don’t make more than 2 weeks between each new chapter, I can grit my teeth & w8 this much but more than that become unbearable…

    Can’t w8 for the next Vol. 🙂 keep up the good work!


    1. Amakun is my shorthand for Amakaze something something, the author. and Koei is the game company, who made, among dynasty warrior and such, ‘uncharted waters’ series. The Japanese name of the game is roughly translated as the “Great age of sail” which ama-kun swapped a single word to “Great age of flight”

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s only been like a week since he returned from his trip. He has to do the redrawing for the epub before he can start translating volume 6. I wouldn’t be discouraged at this point in time.


  5. The last comment from TL was on Oct 26 and that makes 1 mo and 1 day now so its still official as the 1 month from the next release, if not mistaken it’ll be out by this week?


    1. TL said we could expect these to be monthly releases to some degree as it seems to fit with his general release patern. He never stated that this was set in stone though, so I would just wait until it’s out, checking in periodically.

      Basicly, it’ll be out when it’ll be out. It’s pointless to speculate further, and would only serve to annoy people to start badgering TL about it.


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