V06 Chapter 51: Choice of the Silver Phoenix Knights

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The tales of the encounter between Violet Swallow Knights and the Demon Beasts soon spread like wildfire throughout the Kingdom of Fremmevira.

Ever since the advent of the Levitate Ships, the people of Fremmevira held an insatiable interest in any development pertaining to the sky. The reveal and subsequent success of the flight-capable Silhouette Knights only further invigorated the population. While the efficacy of the Transport Ships had always been held in doubt when faced with the presence of flying Demon Beasts, the timely news gave people hope for a positive change.

Under the tumultuous circumstances, the Violet Swallow Knights were not given a single respite. From the earliest inception of the flight-capable Silhouette Knights to the establishment of a Knight Order, the recruits have finally reached the point where they could officially graduate to become full members of the Violet Swallow Knights. At that moment, the Violet Swallow Knights were to receive a few new appointments to their ranks, including their long-anticipated Knight Commander.

“The Royal Life Guards have sent over all the experienced personnel for the operation of the Levitate Ships, who will be joining the Violet Swallow Knights as new members. They will also be taking over the command of the Wind Knights.”

“With this, the Violet Swallow Knights have finally obtained official recognition. Not to mention, Silhouette Knights are now deemed indispensable for the sky… I guess all’s well that ends well.”

The inaugural Knight Commander of the Violet Swallow Knights was to be Torstei Koskensalo, the commander of the Royal Life Guards’ Levitate Ship Corps and the captain of the Transport Ship during the combat trial.

Since the trial, Wind Knights and Transport Ships were devoted to cooperative training, through which they were able to correct any faults in the teamwork and further amplify their combined performance. Certainly, with the accumulation of experience, the effectiveness of a joint operation was no longer disputed. At the same time, the appointment of a veteran Levitate Ship commander to lead the newly formed Violet Swallow Knights was to no one’s surprise.

“The cooperative training with the Transport Ships will soon proceed to the next phase. If all goes well, we can likely expect similar Knight Orders to be established in the future.”

“Yes, we are certain the Violet Swallow Knights will serve as a wonderful template for future Knight Orders.”

Other than the newly transferred officers, the composition of the Violet Swallow Knights saw little change since its initial inception. While Squad Kiverahati encompassed the entirety of the Violet Swallow Knights’ current aerial combat capability, the Violet Swallow Knights could expect future supplementations to their air fleet.

“The production quota for Levitate Ships will remain the same as before, but now we will also need to accommodate the production of Wind Knights. As such, we are pained to say that we will be burdening the industrious knightsmiths for the months to come.”

“Understood, it is also our honor to work on such a project.”

On the other hand, the official recognition of the Violet Swallow Knights meant that the originally exclusive Transport Ship fleet of the Royal Life Guards will be split to meet their needs. At the same time, there would certainly be others who wished to emulate the Violet Swallow Knights’ proven success, and with it, increase demand on the already overstretched production of Transport Ships and Wind Knights. Consequently, the training of new knightsmiths with the relevant skillset was made an utmost priority.

“Leave it to us. We will have Boss head over to assist.”

The one known as ‘Boss’ in the Silver Phoenix Knights, David Hepken, was to head to the NTR Laboratory with a few of his subordinates. Both the Transport Ship and the Wind Knight were technology deemed beyond the command of mere nobility and were kept under the strict supervision of the royal household.

Boss was one of the few knightsmiths within the kingdom who has a working understanding of both the Levitate Ship and the Wind Knight, making him an indispensable technological advisor second only to Ernesti himself. His task at the NTR Laboratory was to advise and establish a dialogue with their knightsmiths, thereby further streamlining the production of Touediane to meet the royal demands.

“We shall look forward to the wonderful performances. Now, for other matters.”

King Leotamus sat under the expectant gazes of the Fremmeviran aristocracy, all of whom had answered his summons to hold a realm-wide conference on a topic that was not the least unexpected, especially given the recent developments. Understandably, the nobles did not delay their attendance by the slightest and swiftly made their way to Känkänen.

“As everyone is likely aware, the Silver Phoenix Knights had returned from the west with new technology pertinent to the Levitate Ship and, through its application, had managed to develop the technological marvel known as the Wind Knight. Therefore, we hoped to seek opinions regarding the appropriate uses for these new technological advancements.” Leotamus sternly prefaced the purpose of the conference.

It was a declaration that immediately brought about intense chatter among the kingdom’s aristocracy. Certainly, there were severe regulations regarding the deployment and use of the Transport Ships and Wind Knights in the proposal.

Firstly, there was the difference between the regulated size of the respective Knight Orders, in which strict limits were placed on the permissible number of Transport Ships and Wind Knights available to each of the feudal subjects. Secondly, the Transport Ships were restricted to predetermined lanes, with severe punishments reserved for crews who operated beyond the demarcated regions.

Although the restrictions felt overbearing, the nobility did not push for significant adjustments. They understood that certain limits need to be placed when considering the impressive freedom of movements afforded to them in the sky and the cost of maintaining state-of-the-art Wind Knights. While it was unlikely for them to be excluded from the new technology, they felt it would best not be greedy. As such, they decided to best start small.

To Leotamus’s surprise, the conference proceeded smoothly despite the initial reaction and the prolonged discussion.

“…The nobles are all eagerly petitioning the crown, in order to be given authorization for Transport Ships and Wind Knights.”

All the nobles sought after the authorization to incorporate Transport Ships and Wind Knights into their feudal Knight Orders. Incidentally, the demarcation of the ‘lanes’ between the feudal territories took up most of the discussion, followed by determining the order in which the nobles received their Transport Ships and Wind Knights.

As the eve before the dawn of the Great Age of Flight, the kingdom continued to stir in preparation for the eventual daybreak.

◆ ◆ ◆

The wind of change blew across the Kingdom of Fremmevira, affecting all who it touched – even the Silver Phoenix Knights.

Ernesti was summoned to Castle Schreiber for the duration of the conference as a technical advisor, providing suggestions and clarifications on a diverse number of topics. To Eru, any task wasn’t considered too tiresome as long as it led to the proliferation of his ‘half’ humanoid robots.

Even though the conference lasted for many days, Leotamus showed not the slightest fatigue.

“Ernesti, looks like your Wind Knight will soon be spread throughout the kingdom. That aside, we would like to discuss the current state of the Silver Phoenix Knights,” Leotamus said as he turned to the ever-enthusiastic Ernesti, “There should be a few able officers under your command, is that right?”

“Is Your Majesty referring to Edgar-senpai, Dietrich-senpai, and Helvi-senpai? Is something the matter?”

While Eru’s creations were frequent topics of discussion between him and Leotamus, the Silver Phoenix Knights themselves were rarely brought up. At Eru’s cautious reply toward a seemingly odd topic, Leotamus paused for a moment before continuing.

“As you are aware, Transport Ships and Wind Knights are in constant demand, and the situation was further aggravated with the conclusion of the recent realm-wide conference. However, there remained many difficulties to overcome before our current production could even remotely meet the voracious demand. One of the most pressing is the need for trained knight runners to operate the new Wind Knights. Since the operation for the Wind Knights is vastly different from current terrestrial models, we are short on able instructors to the new models.”

“…I see. Then, I presume Your Majesty is trying to say that the trio was selected as instructors?” Eru deduced from Leotamus’s words.

“Precisely. Simply put, it would be similar to the situation with Violet Swallow Knights. Therefore…” Leotamus reluctantly suggested, “Would you be willing to part with the three of them for the good of the realm?”

At the suddenness of the proposal, Eru was at a slight loss for words.

“Your Majesty, there were certain considerations to have them as officers within the Silver Phoenix Knights.” Eru replied only after a long pause.

“We had already discussed with our predecessor on the matter. However, Ernesti, the current predicament no longer allowed us to afford such a luxury.” Leotamus calmly stated, seemingly already have made up his mind, “With your numerous achievements, there is no longer anyone left within the kingdom who would slight you for your young age compared to when you had started the Silver Phoenix Knights. We understand that you have all gone through much together, and there would undoubtedly be attachments to your subordinates. However, they too have grown much through your exploits, and it would be an undeniable waste of talent to keep them as mere knight runners forever.”

Eru carefully considered Leotamus’s position. Since the establishment of the Silver Phoenix Knights, they had fought many difficult battles with the Demon Beasts, even participating in a distant war as an expeditionary force. Among the Knight Orders within the Kingdom of Fremmevira, the Silver Phoenix Knights were without parallel as far as real combat experience was concerned.

In a way, the Silver Phoenix Knights had become an assembly of combat veterans. Certainly, given the spontaneous nature of Eru’s command, the members of the Silver Phoenix Knights were all drilled to be elites. This held especially true for the trio, who were not only skilled knight runners for both new and old Silhouette Knights, but also experienced tacticians and instructors.

“Wind Knights will certainly bring about an incredible change within our kingdom. With the change, excellent knight runners will be in constant demand, especially with the few who are intimately familiar with the Wind Knight.”

Although Eru understood the logic, he was still reluctant.

“Certainly, we will arrange for capable successors to their positions, to ensure the least disruption to the daily operations of the Silver Phoenix Knights. We won’t force the decision upon you, but would you at least consider our proposition?”

“I understand. I will discuss with the officers. If they are interested, I will…” Eru replied with a slight nod, seemingly deep in thought.

◆ ◆ ◆

At roughly the same time as the discussion between Eru and Leotamus, a few visitors arrived at Fort Olvecius.

While they were not donned in armor, their elegant demeanor allowed one to easily discern their elevated positions. They each held introductory letters decorated with the crests of aristocratic houses to prove their identities, but their request was a peculiar one.

“…So, you have asked for us rather than the Knight Commander?”

The visitors specifically requested for an audience with Edgar, Dietrich, and Helvi, to which the trio received in the conference room.

“Yes, we are here specifically for Sir Blanche, Sir Kunitz, and Lady Obary. We operate under the auspices of the various Knight Orders and nobles to resolve pressing personnel matters.” One of the visitors stated in a respectful tone, “The three of you are well known across the kingdom for your exploits as the company commanders within the Silver Phoenix Knights. As such, the purpose of our visit today is to ask you to contemplate the possibility of a promotion, specifically to serve as Knight Commanders. Understandably, proper remuneration will be prepared.”

The trio was momentarily left speechless by the sudden proposition. Dietrich simply sat motionlessly as he glared intently at the visitors with raised eyebrow. Nearby, Edgar was at a loss by what he had heard, to the point of doubting his own ears. On the other hand, Helvi nervously looked over to Edgar for leadership. The trio was used to the lack of common sense within the Silver Phoenix Knights, but even they could not accept the ridiculous declaration.

“T-this is quite unexpected… Not to mention, we are only company commanders. Suddenly elevating us to Knight Commanders is…”

Seeing the trio’s suspicious gaze, the man gave a light nod.

“Perhaps the three of you are not aware of your own fame? In that case, it is certainly no wonder that you would be baffled by the offer. Therefore, let me take the opportunity to explain. If the three of you had belonged to a regular Knight Order, such an offer would seem to be a bit extreme. However, the three of you are officers within the Silver Phoenix Knights. By merits alone, you are all more than qualified to lead your own Knight Orders!”

Edgar had always had a serious personality, and the severity of the discussion only further amplified his intimidating visage. Yet the man did not seem the slightest deterred.

“I won’t deny that the Silver Phoenix Knights had many achievements, but those are largely due to the skill of its Knight Commander.”

“I understand. As for Lord Echevalier, we do not deny that he is somewhat of a legendary existence. At the same time, we could not deny that the members of the Silver Phoenix Knights all contributed to the success.” The man explained as he revealed a gentle visage, providing a slight pause for Edgar to internalize the discussion, “It was your excellent skill that allowed you to keep up with all the accomplishments and, if I may so state, enabled you to receive your own customized Silhouette Knights. I think you are all well aware that, in most Knight Orders, customized Silhouette Knights are only reserved for the Knight Commander. While you may only command a company within the Silver Phoenix Knights, your potential is clearly equivalent to a Knight Order!”

The trio simply looked at each other with a few involuntary blinks. With the incessant actions they had experienced, they rarely had the opportunity to look introspectively at their own activities. Certainly, even their common sense was slowly eroded by their exceptional Knight Commander.

“Everyone has heard of the role that the Silver Phoenix Knights played in bringing about the new Silhouette Knights. As a matter of fact, the three company commanders who had attained success on countless battlefields are the aspiration, or more accurately, the idol, of all young knight runners.”

“Really… I had never thought much about it.”

Upon seeing the visibly shaken trio, the man quickly continued.

“Achieving such fame despite your young age was the result of your own talent and hard work. Therefore, I am certain you do not wish to remain a mere company commander forever.”

“Are you suggesting we depart from the Silver Phoenix Knights?”

“We do not wish to pressure you, since we only serve as an intermediary. Not to mention, we understand that you are still unfamiliar with the extent of your own worth from our discussion. Therefore, with that in mind, we will certainly respect your decisions.”

The man looked satisfied now that he had cleared the trio’s initial suspicion and saw the trio seriously considering his proposition. Regardless of the outcome, he had already accomplished his task.

“As I had said at the beginning. If you are willing to accept the positions, proper remuneration will be prepared. In my humble opinion, commanding one or two Knight Orders would not be difficult with your incredible talent. It is an opinion shared by even the nobles who had provided us the introductory letters.”

“…Please afford us the chance to discuss the matter over with our Knight Commander.”

“Of course. Feel free to take your time. Once you come to a decision, you can reach us here, and we will immediately arrange for an interview.”

With that said, the man stood up, left his contact information, and departed the room with an elegant bow.

Edgar, Dietrich, and Helvi sat quietly in the conference room, still haven’t overcome the shock of the proposition. While Edgar seemed deep in thought, Dietrich soon let out a deep sigh.

“Hmph… I see… Honestly, I had never given it much thought, but on careful inspection, we had really done quite a bit.” Dietrich said.

“…I am quite happy to be praised. However, I had never dreamed of ever leaving the Silver Phoenix Knights.”

“…Our Knight Order. Certainly, it would be more comfortable to remain.”

Edgar slowly raised his head, seemingly had come to his own conclusion.

“Circumstances aside, the establishment of the Silver Phoenix Knights was mostly for the sake of Ernesti. Not to mention, we needed closure for the slight we had experienced. It was for these reasons that Di, Helvi, Boss, and the rest of the current members came together to form the Knight Order.” Edgar stated.

“When you put it that way, I guess we had already accomplished our duty?”


In the distant land of Kuscheperca, the nemesis that had stolen the ‘Tellestarle’ was erased from existence.

On the other hand, Ernesti no longer needed the protection afforded by the Silver Phoenix Knights. Both his fame and his strength had long reached legendary proportions, almost to a point where he could rival the king himself. With achievements that reached as far as the distant Kingdom of Kuscheperca, even if they ended up with unfamiliar recruits, no one would now dare to underestimate Eru.

“With the development of Wind Knights, the Silver Phoenix Knights is slowly changing… In that case, is our continued presence really absolutely necessary?” Edgar muttered his thoughts on a topic he had never contemplated before.

Next to him, Helvi remained silent at Edgar’s rhetorical question.

“Who knows? However, as long as I stay in the Silver Phoenix Knights, I will certainly be exposed to even newer technology. It is not wrong to say such was the reason why I had joined the Silver Phoenix Knights. Not to mention, I enjoy the atmosphere here. Even if the offer to serve as a Knight Commander is very enticing, I doubt I am suited to leading anything more than a company.” Dietrich declared with a shrug of his shoulder.

Having seemingly made his decision, Dietrich slowly made his way out of the conference room, only to be stopped by Edgar’s voice.

“So have you already decided? If so…”

“Edgar, do not worry about what I think, nor should you worry about the first company. Just be true to yourself.”

“Di, I…”

Before Edgar could finish, Dietrich had already made his way out of the conference room, uttering one final sentence from the hallway.

“No matter what you choose, face your decision wholeheartedly.”

Edgar sat in his chair as he watched Dietrich closed the door. At that moment, Helvi also stood up from her seat.


“No, this is your own decision. Edgar, no one could choose for you, nor should you ask others to choose for you.”

Helvi gently flicked Edgar’s forehead with her finger before leaving the room with a wave of her hand.

Alone in the room, Edgar continued to contemplate the difficult decision.

◆ ◆ ◆

The moment Eru returned to Fort Olvecius, he summoned the trio to a meeting. However, before he could bring up the topic of his discussion with Leotamus, Dietrich retold of the earlier visitor they had.

“…I see. They are surprisingly quick.”

“From the looks of it, you were already made aware of their intentions?”

“Yes, but it could only have said to be a short while before. Whether this was all just a coincidence aside, they beautifully managed to avoid the awkward situation of secretly negotiating outside the chain of command.” Eru replied with a complicated expression on his face.

Compared to Eru, who calmly shrugged his shoulder, Addy was left completely frozen by the news, having only had just heard about it through Eru.

“So? What have you decided?”

“My decision? How to put this nicely… Whenever I see you, my enthusiasm for leading a whole Knight Order simply evaporates.”

“Huh? Have I misheard something…?”

Dietrich could not stifle his laughter.

“Either way, I would feel more comfortable remaining as a company commander. Rather, are you fine with us leaving?”

“Hmm… After all that we had gone through, I am certainly reluctant about letting you go…”

“T-that’s right! There is no reason to leave at all! If that were to happen, then…”

“However…” Eru immediately interrupted Addy’s sudden outburst, “To serve as a Knight Commander is the greatest honor for any knight runner. I simply could not find it in my heart to ask you three to abandon such a golden opportunity.”

Not just Addy, the trio were all left speechless by Eru’s declaration. Everyone knew that Eru was serious, with the same seriousness usually reserved for Silhouette Knights.

“Therefore, I ask you to carefully consider, and find the most acceptable answer for yourselves. No matter what you decide in the end, I will wholeheartedly endorse your decision.”

Overwhelmed by Eru’s forthrightness, the trio all nodded in reply. With that said, Eru soon left the three to their own thoughts with Addy closely behind.

“Eru! Are you really fine with them leaving?!”

Addy could not understand why Eru would be willing to accept their departure. Although the Silver Phoenix Knights were established by pure necessity, they were still comrades that had survived through countless grueling trials together. Therefore, Addy believed everyone would remain together for the foreseeable future. No way had she ever thought Eru would instead endorse their decision.

“If that is their wish…”



Eru looked intently into Addy’s eyes. Faced with the serious Eru, Addy could only back down and listen silently.

“Life will fly by in the blink of an eye. As such, one should not live in constant hesitation, especially when the opportunity to fulfill a life-long desire appeared before oneself. Even if there are concerns, that should be left until the opportunity is firmly in one’s hand.”

Carpe Diem‘, such was Eru’s own motto in his second life, one that was clearly reflected in his actions. From when he landed in this world, he had not let the slightest opportunity pass by.

“Even if they depart from the Silver Phoenix Knights, they will still remain our friends. Therefore, they should think seriously and decide based on their own desires.”

Despite Eru’s nudging, Addy still could not seem to accept his decision. At the same time, Addy could not think of any way to retort his sound logic. As such, Addy could only tightly hug Eru with a complicated expression.

“If they left with regret, and there was no reincarnation to follow, they will certainly feel sad.” Eru muttered as he gently patted Addy on the head.

Perhaps no one in the world could comprehend the depth of Eru’s final muttering.

◆ ◆ ◆

Even as the whole nation was swept away by waves of enthusiasm, time continued to move steadily forward.

The Transport Ships made their way into the lives of the people, with numerous lanes established between locations within the Kingdom of Fremmevira, transporting both passengers and cargo at a speed never before possible. Before long, the sheer convenience of air travel made the inhabitants of Fremmevira reliant on the new technology.

Just as everything slowly settled down, a tense meeting was held in Castle Schreiber.

“…An expedition to Bocuse, the Sea of Trees?”

“Precisely. Although the new lanes had only recently stabilized, the expectations for the Transport Ships had continued to grow unabated. Chiefly, everyone looks to the new technology as a mean to venture into the previously unexplored Bocuse.”

Eru had anticipated a troublesome request when he was greeted by an unsettled Leotamus in the throne room. However, in no way did he imagine it would be such a problematic request.

“From Your Majesty’s words, I expect it would not be a simple investigation?”

“Sadly, yes. With the current political climate, the formation of a ‘Bocuse Expeditionary Force’ would likely become a foregone conclusion. We had always known there would be suggestions along these lines when we first set our eyes on the Levitate Ships. In a way, this development was wholly within our expectations.”

The ‘Bocuse Expeditionary Force’ had its roots intricately linked to the birth of the Kingdom of Fremmevira. From when mankind had developed the world’s first Silhouette Knight to combat the Demon Beasts in what was now the Western Nations, they had sought to claim the whole of Zetterlund for themselves. Yet, after a series of victories that pushed Demon Beasts across the Aubigne Mountains, mankind soon encountered Demon Beasts of immense power in the depth of Bocuse – Demon Beasts that even Silhouette Knights could not overcome.

Although mankind suffered a crippling defeat, they were able to retain a portion of their conquests on the far-side of the Aubigne Mountains. At the base of Aubigne Mountains’ eastern foothills, mankind established a nascent kingdom that eventually grew to become the current Kingdom of Fremmevira.

In the months that followed, the Western Nations enjoyed a golden age of peace without the threat of Demon Beasts. Even Kingdom of Fremmevira was able to avoid destruction and slowly change, where the threat of the Demon Beasts became increasingly marginalized in the minds of its inhabitants.

Sadly, despite its importance to the history of Fremmevira, the first ‘Bocuse Expeditionary Force’ left little in the ways of records. A large part of the blame fell upon the chaotic times that followed its untimely demise. However, one thing could be certain, the expedition met its end at the hands of Demon Beasts that rivaled the Behemoth (1) in strength, said to have the ability to wipe out hundreds of Silhouette Knights with ease.

From the rumors alone, retracing the footsteps of the first ‘Bocuse Expeditionary Force’ was borderline suicide, and no sane person would recommend such a foolhardy expedition if it weren’t for the advent of the Levitate Ships and Wind Knights.

“Although the Levitate Ships and Wind Knights have their advantages, I still consider mounting such a major expedition at this point in time to be haphazard at best.”

“We understand, but between the Levitate Ships’ incredible mobility and the Wind Knights’ able protection, air travel had become convenient and safe. Not to mention, the widespread use of Karrdatolles had served as a powerful deterrence to Demon Beast attacks. Simply put, for the first time in our history, we have the spare military capacity.”

“…Therefore, Your Majesty wishes to turn our attention outward.”

Since the west of the Aubigne Mountains had already been settled by the Western Nations, ‘outward’ could only imply the virgin lands in Bocuse, the Sea of Trees.

“Presumably, Your Majesty expects the Silver Phoenix Knights to bear the brunt of this mission?”

“Don’t say it like you had just been dealt a terrible hand. Your performance has repeatedly… exceeded our expectations.”

Even the nobles that held marches bordering Bocuse could only provide limited intelligence about the Sea of Trees. With the centuries that had passed since the first Bocuse Expedition, little was known about the Demon Beasts that lurk in the depth of Bocuse, and there always existed the risk that a haphazard expedition would wreak calamity on the kingdom by stirring up the rage of another Behemoth. As such, the nobles were in full agreement that any expedition should tread with the utmost caution. After all, unlike their brethren in the Western Nations, the nobles of Fremmevira have lived under the constant threat of Demon Beasts for countless generations, where only the cautious remained in their ranks. Incidentally, the nobles of Fremmevira had a strong sense of camaraderie, perhaps a testament to the unique environment in which they rule.

Therefore, when the usually cautious nobles openly petitioned the king for an expedition, their intention was as clear as day. In their minds, as long as the expedition was spearheaded by the famed Silver Phoenix Knights and their legendary Knight Commander, success was all but assured. As such, the Silver Phoenix Knights was a victim of its own success and fame.

“We think you should be the one most aware that other than the Silver Phoenix Knights, no one could undertake such a difficult expedition. Not to mention, regarding the earlier report about the ‘Wind Carrier’… Do you not think this expedition would be the best stage for its maiden voyage?”

Eru was slightly moved by Leotamus’s words and began to fantasize the most effective way to utilize the newly designed ‘Wind Carrier’.

“…In that case, may I borrow the Violet Swallow Knights for the expedition?”

“The Violet Swallow Knights? We understand that they are able knight runners, and their familiarity with the Wind Knights is evident to all. However…”

Leotamus was at a slight loss by Eru’s request.

“As Your Majesty may have been aware, while the Silver Phoenix Knights do boast a single company’s worth of Wind Knight (2), the Knight Order as a whole remains largely terrestrial. Not to mention, there was the recent bid for the officers, and I would like to provide them some time to decide. As such, the Silver Phoenix Knights would volunteer the Wind Carrier and myself in the Ikaruga for the expedition, but I would humbly request the Violet Swallow Knights to provide the Wind Knight escorts.”

“In that case… Very well. As the Knight Order with the highest number of active Wind Knights, the Violet Swallow Knights shall participate in the expedition. Just leave the detailed arrangement to us.”

Regardless of Silver Phoenix Knights’ strength, sending them on a terrestrial expedition into the depth of Bocuse would be foolish at best, especially when considering the strength of the terrestrial Demon Beasts within. Therefore, most of the expedition would rely heavily on the Transport Ships and Wind Knights.

“As for the Wind Carrier, I would need to confirm its status with Boss.”

Following the audience, Eru needed to discuss the matter with the ‘Captain’ of the Wind Carrier and quickly organized the key points of the meeting in his head.

With that, mankind prepared to venture once more into Bocuse, the Sea of Trees. No matter the challenge Eru and the Violet Swallow Knights may face within its bowels, they could only steadily prepare for all eventuality.

(1) Behemoth – The poor division-class Demon Beast defeated by Eru, whose heart was torn from its corpse to fuel Eru’s terrible machine of destruction.

(2) Most of the Silver Phoenix Knights’ 3rd company were trained as Wind Knights, thereby would be able to double as a Wind Knight company. There isn’t an actual company of only Wind Knights in the Silver Phoenix Knights.

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