V06 Afterword

Hello, Taro Hitsuji here.

Now that Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Kinki Kyouten’s sixth volume has officially been released, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my editors and everyone in the publishing company, as well as all the readers who had faithfully supported the releases. Thank you all for your continued support!

Sixth Volume. We have gone a long way since the series started.

As shown by the cover, the sixth volume’s focus was on Celica, just like part of the Memory Records of Bastard Magic Instructor.

Now, with the main story, we have finally cast the spotlight on Celica, who have a large role in the main story. In a way, this volume could be said to be a turning point, as all the pieces had finally came together for the journey ahead.

Who was Lumia? What was wrong with the imperial bloodline? Who were the Researchers of Divine Wisdom? What was the Akashic Records? What were the ancients? Who was Celica? As all these questions slowly get answered one after another, the larger picture slowly comes to be… I hope that readers will continue to follow the development.

Therefore, please take care of me in the future.

On other notes, I recently thought…

Was the White Haired Records really like this? (Rolls Eyes)

R-really strange how it came to be like this. At the beginning, when I first submitted my draft, I only thought about writing a story about a lazy teacher surrounded by a bunch of cute girls, and then would occasionally pull off something grand and make the girls go “Kyaa❤!! Sensei!!”. Things about sky castle, about akashic records, about conspiracies, about ancient civilizations, none of these chuuni-esque elements were in the original draft!

“If I keep on writing like this, I doubt the story will last long, and the publishing house really wanted to serialize the story.”

I recalled when the White Haired Records released its first volume, my editor asked me how I would proceed on with the story…

Only then, did I hesitantly reopen the ‘Book of dark past’ that I vowed never would see the light of day again… (Pukes blood)

Taro Hitsuji

◇ ◇ ◇

Illustrator’s Afterword

With Glenn’s messy hair, how could anyone recognize him if I don’t include a ponytail?


(* ̄△ ̄)Kurone Mishima

◇ ◇ ◇

Translator’s Afterword

Huapollon here~

I am taking this section hostage for my own purposes.

I can’t believe it took me half a year to get everything finally translated, but here you go, with all the pretty redraws I could muster solo.

My interest in this series largely came as a result of the anime, as found the story to be engaging. (But mostly it was because, as I came to realize in the recent months, the platinum-haired MC…) Seeing the project was abandoned by all groups involved back in March, I decided to carry on the torch and translate the LN into English.

And then came the choice. Should I start from the beginning to ensure consistency? Pick up from where the torch was dropped? Or start from wherever I decide most fitting?

After weighing my options, I have came to three realizations:

1. I felt there was no need to retranslate Vol 1 already done by another group and,
2. The safest spot to pick up the series was Vol 3, since the previous group left it undone mid-Vol 2, but that would mean I had to pick up on Riel’s Arc. (And let’s be honest here, Riel’s Arc in Vol 3 and 4 was a bore. You can agree to disagree ;p) Which means…
3. People will be wondering what happened after the anime series is over, and finding the anime series a good summary of the early volume, I could always pick it up from where the anime left off.

After some contemplation, I decided to begin my translation from Vol 5 Vol 6 after counting the remaining episodes in the cour and made my best estimate to where the anime will end. (My own fault mostly, I didn’t think the anime would reach Vol 5, and thought it was going to wrap up at the end of Vol 4. So two chapters in, and lo and behold, the anime hits Vol 5’s Sistine’s arc, so… in adherence with my belief, I put that on hold and started Vol 6.)

Long story short, 6 months later and I finally bring you Vol 6 of RokuAka.

As for where to go from here, I will definitely begin my translations from the first volume of Side Stories, since there are 2 stories that I find interesting to bring to the English audience. After the 1st Side Stories Volume, I will then push forward to Vol 7, and then 8, and then the 2nd Side Stories Volume, and finally, Vol 9. What about the half-done Vol 5, you ask? Well, you already got the spoilers, so I am in no hurry to see it done ;p.

Once again, my goal is quality, because if I am going to commit to something, it better be archive quality.

Thank you for reading my translations,

Huapollon, signing off.

p.s. Do you love Ye Olde English? I know I sure do~

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5 thoughts on “V06 Afterword

  1. in 2020. started just following the anime and has ended
    I tried searching for manga but it only ended in chapter 24
    and finally I met with this website
    I will read from volumes 5 to 6
    I really like volume 6
    where focused on celica, with a very interesting story. I thank you for being able to read more about this anime


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