S01 Chapter 2 Append: Sistine’s Light Novel

SPOILER: Not recommended you read this side story until after you read Volume 5.5’s (The first side story compilation volume) 2nd Side Story: Wandering White Cat and the Forbidden Notebook.

TL/N: A little something to complement the 2nd Side Story for the New Year. It is a ‘short side story’ (if you could really call it that) from Fantasia Bunko Dragon Magazine’s November 2017 Issue, and is meant to be an excerpt of Sistine’s light novel that was central to the 2nd Side Story.

p.s. Here is an unboxing video for the November 2017 issue and is what a typical issue would entail, in case you are curious. (This Side Story was shown at 2:44)

Credits: Special thanks to Poinu for the Japanese raw.

“S-stop! Don’t fight over me!!”

Mistine, with mesmerizing hair as beautiful as the purest of mithril and as wondrous as the evening moonlight, which fluttered in the wind like the waves on the shimmering Saint Ledoria Sea, shouted out to the pair. Her delicate and bewitching features that could even usher jealousy from goddesses were dyed with a deep and sorrowful expression, on which a single drop of tear gently trickled down like a falling pearl.

“How could I possibly back down…? Oh, Mistine, the princess who had stolen my heart!”

“…It could not be avoided. This is a fight preordained by fate… Now, let our swords sing!”

“Haa… If only I could answer both of your loves… But alas, that could not be so…”

Just as Mistine was at the limit of her despair, a gallant figure showed up atop a white stallion.

“Everyone, cease your fighting!”

“Grey-sensei! You had come! Not once had I stopped believing in you!”

“Do not call me Grey-sensei… Call me ‘Mistine’s beloved one’, for that is my new name!”

◇ ◇ ◇

Sistine’s Journal

Uuu… I had failed to win this year’s Newcomer Literature Award.

★ Story
★ Character
★ Writing

I was certain my work exceeded all others in these criteria… Who else could write a story with such passionate and vivid details?

Then, it’s a problem with the style? After all, the judges were all writers from a bygone era, so they may not have been able to truly appreciate my work…

As I thought, perhaps it would be better to adapt my future works to their taste? No, that would do my boundless talent a grave injustice! Who are they to judge my work when they read it through colored lens?!

Ugh… Either way, I could not concentrate on writing in class… especially with Rumia sitting right next to me.


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